Committee Blog: Cannabis Lounges – Coming to a City Near You? 
By Jodi Green, Miller Nash LLP; Shay Gilmore, The Law Office of Shay Aaron GilmoreMembers of NCIA’s Risk Management and Insurance Committee Although the concept of state-legal cannabis has been around in some shape or form since 1996, cannabis remains illegal to consume in most public places. In other... Read more
‘No one’s having a ton of fun’: Many Alaska cannabis businesses are struggling and failing
Five years ago, when Alaska’s first legal cannabis shops started opening, there was a lot of money to be made. “We had three fabulous, great years,” said Sue Nowland, whose Alaska Fireweed was among the first cannabis stores to open its doors in Anchorage. Those days are over. Cannabis... Read more
The PACT Act Final Rule Has Been Released Prohibiting the Mailing of Cannabis/Hemp Vaporization Products. Is Your Business Ready?
By Rachel Kurtz-McAlaine, NCIA’s Deputy Director of Public Policy  After months of delay, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has released its FINAL rule enforcing the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (PACT) Act, effective October 21, 2021, and unfortunately, they are indeed applying it to cannabis/hemp vaporization products. The PACT... Read more
Alaska Doubles THC Limit For Cannabis Edibles | High Times Total 252 Share Read more
Alaska Marijuana Control Board is considering doubling the amount of THC allowed in edibles
Alaska marijuana regulators are considering loosening restrictions on edible marijuana products in the state. The regulation change would double the amount of THC, the plant’s psychoactive compound, allowed in a single serving. Proponents of the change say it would benefit the industry, giving manufacturers more flexibility and saving money... Read more
Alaska’s hemp industry set to go live through online-only registrations
Farmers, processors and retailers in Alaska can start applying for hemp registrations Monday after the industry officially launches on April 4. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all registrations must be submitted electronically through the Alaska Division of Agriculture’s website. Agriculture officials in Alaska used a social media broadcast to... Read more
Alaska regulators use social media to introduce new rules in the age of coronavirus
Agriculture officials in Alaska are trying to limit in-person trips to the Division of Agriculture, so they used a social media broadcast to lay out new rules for the state’s hemp program this week. Alaska’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Program, which will operate under the 2014 Farm Bill pilot program... Read more
Alaska Pot Board Chair, a Gov. Dunleavy Critic, Being Replaced
January 16, 2020 by AggregatedNews Leave a Comment JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — The chairman of the board that regulates legal marijuana in Alaska, who also is a critic of Gov. Mike Dunleavy, said he was caught off guard by news that Dunleavy was replacing him. “You may quote me as... Read more
An Alaska doctor and nurse practitioner are facing separate federal narcotics charges for allegedly distributing “large amounts of opioids and other powerful narcotics by writing prescriptions for ‘patients’ without medical examinations and lacking medical necessity,” the Department of Justice said Wednesday. Jessica Joyce Spayd, an Anchorage resident who owns... Read more
Alaska alcohol and marijuana control board votes to remove top regulator
October 4, 2019 by AggregatedNews Leave a Comment The Alaska Alcoholic Beverage Control Board has voted 5-0 to remove the state’s top alcohol and marijuana regulator. In a special meeting Thursday morning, members cited “differences in temperament” between the board and Erika McConnell, head of the Alaska Alcohol and... Read more

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