How To Cook With Weed: #Marijuana #Thanksgiving Turkey
There is more to cannabis than THC and CBD.  As our understanding (and commercialization) of cannabis evolves, new compounds like CBG, delta-8-THC, THCv, and others are coming onto the scene.  These various “minor” cannabinoids, however, bring with them a host of new issues. NCIA’s Cannabis Manufacturing Committee, Scientific Advisory... Read more
A new study from researchers in Germany has determined that dairy cows that were fed industrial hemp produced milk with detectable levels of delta-9 THC, the cannabis compound most closely associated with the high produced by marijuana. The cows also exhibited behavioral changes, indicating that the animals might have... Read more
Member Blog: Reaching The Highest Common Denominator
by Raina Jackson, Founder & CEO of PURPLE RAINA Self CareMember of NCIA’s Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee (DEIC) This past September I had the pleasure of lobbying in D.C. for the first time as part of NCIA’s 10th Annual Lobby Days. The lobbying process was demystified for me,... Read more
The California Cannabis Industry Association published a white paper addressing the state of the cannabinoid market. Featuring main author Tiffany Devitt, as well as other contributors, the white paper entitled “PANDORA’S BOX The Dangers of a National, Unregulated, Hemp-Derived Intoxicating Cannabinoid Market,” refers to the hemp industry as a... Read more
Idaho’s ban on CBD and hemp-derived products only harms animals even more, because people give it to them regardless of regulations, according to a national group devoted to the wellbeing of animals and pets.  It’s a complicated issue that oscillates between the urgent need for CBD oil for dogs... Read more
On October 17, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding announced a $200,000 grant program to award organizations striving to promote hemp. The department aims to award grant funds to reimburse “half of project costs,” with a minimum grant amount of $1,000. Special consideration will be given to... Read more
Member Blog: Payment Processing In The Cannabis Space
by Todd Glider, MobiusPay, Inc There is a lot of confusion about payment processing in the cannabis space because payment processing is somewhat confusing to begin with, and because, in the cannabis space, ambiguity is a way of life.  The title of this very blog post could, realistically, seem... Read more
Hemp Shutterstock The word “hemp” is of Germanic origins adopted into Old English. According to the Etymology Online Dictionary, “hemp” comes from the Old English word “hænep,” referring to Cannabis sativa. It originates from the Proto-Germanic word “hanapiz,” which is also the word source of the Old Saxon word... Read more
Member Blog: Top 6 Pathogens Seen in Cannabis Plants
By Angel Fernandez and Felipe Cisternas, MyFloraDNA Pathogens cause diseases when looking for a host body to infect. They come in diverse forms: bacteria, fungi, worms, viruses, and also prions. Pathogens are one of the significant threats to cannabis fields. These silent visitors may cause your plants to produce... Read more

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