Thai law: FDA to allow private medical cannabis production
Reopening its cannabis regulatory platform after months of disruption caused by the coronavirus, the Food and Drug Administration has prepared a draft bill to abolish a 5-year ban on the private sector making cannabis medicine. Two draft ministerial regulations, one on marijuana and the other on hemp, under scrutiny... Read more
Authorities Grapple With New Hemp Law Enforcement
Last September, I spoke on the importance of a whole-plant approach at the 2nd annual Southern Hemp Expo in Nashville, TN. But it’s not the whole-plant message I recall, rather it was the smokable hemp pre-rolls being handed out to attendees. This was the same in Las Vegas in December, and... Read more
Member Blog: Cannabis Technology – Six Predictions for the Future of Cannabis Tech
by Barry Saik, Chief Executive Officer of Greenbits  Big changes are coming to the cannabis industry. At least, that is the outlook shared by cannabis experts and lawmakers across the political spectrum. Even people who oppose federal-level legalization have to admit that the current status quo is unlikely to... Read more
Fresh research is out that suggests oil extract derived from hemp may bolster your levels of the so-called “good cholesterol.”  The study comes courtesy from researchers at The Center for Applied Health Sciences in Ohio and Lindenwood University in Missouri who sought to determine “the effects of a commercially... Read more
Kentucky Hemp Industry In “Holding Pattern” After Recent Turbulence
Kentucky agriculture leaders and economists say the state’s turbulent hemp industry is still trying to find stability this year after uncertain federal regulation and overproduction led to a tanked market for the crop and subsequent bankruptcies. Kentucky Department of Agriculture data released in late May shows there are 960... Read more
Meet The Team: Clarissa Kriek – NCIA’s Director of Business Development
I was born and raised in the far south of Brazil, drinking yerba mate, listening to rock, going to the beach, and eating lots of BBQ! The war on drugs was fought hard in our streets, and we all remember the guns, the violence, that “social pain” growing up. I... Read more
Member Blog: While You Are At Home – Time To Prepare For Achieving GMP Certification
by Merril Gilbert, CEO of Trace Trust and David Vaillencourt, CEO of The GMP Collective COVID-19 has altered everyone’s day to day life and has put a strain on the healthcare, food, distribution, insurance, and financial industries in ways we did not think possible just a few short months... Read more
The Mission Statement for Jungmaven, the hemp clothing company founded by Robert Jungmann, begins with the credo, “We believe the earth belongs to everyone.”  Caring about the earth is a common refrain within the hemp and cannabis communities. After caring comes advocacy and action, with renewed interest in hemp... Read more
Cannabis is a plant that represents an opportunity for some…but pain for other various members of Indian Country and its roughly 573 nations. An opportunity exists in the form of hemp at this time. However, different tribal nations have gotten involved in legal marijuana despite being shut out of... Read more

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