Regulators in Arkansas on Monday revoked a medical marijuana cultivator’s license to operate after a judge ruled earlier this month that the state erred when it granted the license two years ago. Doralee Chandler, the director of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Administration and the head regulator of the state... Read more
After election, marijuana advocates look to next states
Law-abiding marijuana enthusiasts could find themselves in a bit of a predicament following voter approval of a recreational cannabis initiative in Missouri. Though it soon will become legal for adults to possess and ingest cannabis, it could take a couple more months before they can legally buy it. Maryland... Read more
Midterm Election Wins, Losses, and the Lame Duck Session
Photo By by Michelle Rutter Friberg, NCIA’s Deputy Director of Government Relations Last week, the long-anticipated 2022 midterm elections (finally) took place. In addition to the usual House and Senate elections, five states voted on cannabis ballot initiatives: Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri, North Dakota, and South Dakota – with... Read more
Voters approve recreational marijuana in Maryland, Missouri
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Voters approved recreational marijuana in Maryland and Missouri but rejected it in two other states, signaling support gradually growing for legalization even in conservative parts of the country. The results mean that 21 states have now approved marijuana’s recreational use. Arkansas and North Dakota... Read more
Arkansas voters reject recreational marijuana amendment
State turns down recreational pot Arkansas voters rejected a constitutional amendment to legalize recreational marijuana Tuesday night, a resounding defeat for the state’s medical cannabis industry that backed the measure and a victory for social conservatives and those who saw the amendment as a giveaway to the state’s medical... Read more
Voters Tuesday rejected Issue 4, a measure that would have legalized adult-use cannabis, to the dismay of Arkansas cannabis advocates who worked hard to push the bill forward.  Led by Responsible Growth Arkansas, advocates promoted the approval of an amendment to the Arkansas Constitution which would have authorized the... Read more
Voters in some of the most conservative states to weigh in on recreational pot
Voters in five states, including four that are among the most conservative in the country, are deciding on whether to legalize recreational marijuana this election. If passed in each state, Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri, North Dakota and South Dakota would join 19 other states and the District of Columbia where... Read more
Midterm Elections Looking Green
By Madeline Grant, NCIA’s Government Relations Manager The midterm elections are quickly approaching with less than three weeks away. Not only will the elections determine the balance of power in Congress, but local elections and ballot measures are set to make a big impact across the country. As the... Read more
Currently, adult-use cannabis is legal in 19 states, two territories and Washington, D.C., with medical cannabis legal in 37 states, three territories and D.C. If all five states approved adult-use cannabis, nearly half the U.S. population would reside in a jurisdiction where the possession and use of cannabis is... Read more
In a series of videos, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee warned that legalizing adult-use cannabis in Arkansas will help drug cartels and that the cannabis industry will “make a buck off of gullible people.” The videos were released as voters gear up to choose the state’s next governor and... Read more

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