The Arkansas Supreme Court this week said that a marijuana legalization proposal should be placed back on the state’s ballot, but it remains unclear whether the vote will ultimately mean anything. It is the latest twist in what has become a messy dispute surrounding a campaign to end prohibition... Read more
Arkansas Supreme Court issues provisional order placing recreational marijuana amendment back on ballot
Conditional certification stipulated The Arkansas Supreme Court on Wednesday granted a petition to allow a proposed constitutional amendment that would legalize recreational marijuana back on the November ballot until it decides how to proceed with the Arkansas Board of Election Commissioners’ decision to not approve its ballot title. The... Read more
In the Arkansas governor’s race, Chris Jones supports adult use marijuana vote, Sarah Sanders stays mum
Arkansas Democratic gubernatorial nominee Chris Jones supports a constitutional amendment to legalize recreational marijuana in the state and would try to pass marijuana-related criminal justice reforms through the state legislature if he were to take office in January, the candidate said during a phone interview last week. In an interview with... Read more
The ballot initiative submitted by the Responsible Growth Arkansas, a cannabis advocacy group, was recently rejected on Aug. 3 by Board of Election Commissioners for its name and title. On Aug. 4, the group filed a lawsuit with the state Supreme Court to challenge the decision. As of July... Read more
Proposed Arkansas recreational marijuana amendment rejected by election commissioners
The Arkansas Board of Election Commissioners denied the popular name and ballot title for a constitutional amendment that would legalize recreational marijuana, saying the measure did not clearly specify whether there would be a certain THC limit on edibles. Commissioners unanimously voted not to certify the Responsible Growth Arkansas amendment... Read more
Democratic gubernatorial candidate supports constitutional amendment that would legalize recreational marijuana use in Arkansas
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chris Jones said Tuesday that he supports the Responsible Growth Arkansas committee’s proposed constitutional amendment that would legalize recreational marijuana. Jones, of Little Rock, said ballot initiatives elevate the voices of Arkansans, who have made very important decisions when given the opportunity to do so. This... Read more
Arkansas state officials announced last week that a proposed ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana has received enough signatures to qualify for the November ballot. Activists with the group Responsible Growth Arkansas, which is headed by former Arkansas Democratic House minority leader Eddie Armstrong, submitted the petitions to the... Read more
Arkansas officials OK signatures for marijuana initiative
Supporters of a recreational marijuana initiative have turned in the required number of valid signatures, moving the measure closer to appearing on Arkansas’ ballot this fall, election officials said Friday. A spokesman for the secretary of state’s office said supporters of the proposed constitutional amendment had reached the 89,151... Read more
Arkansas averaged $22.37M of medical marijuana per month for fiscal year
Medical marijuana finished out June for a strong fiscal year in Arkansas. For June, the final month of the budget year, medical marijuana sales generated $22.29 million in the state according to the Department of Finance and Administration. The sales figure represents 3,296 pounds of marijuana across 38 dispensaries... Read more
Midterm Election Voters Will Likely Determine Cannabis Legalization Amid Several States
By Sadaf Naushad, NCIA Intern With midterm elections just four months away, cannabis activists are paving the path for major reformations to take place nationwide. In order for voters to see cannabis legalization on their state’s midterm ballot, cannabis advocates are scrambling to collect the number of signatures necessary.... Read more

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