A grand jury in Santa Barbara, California criticized the county’s cannabis regulations in a report released this week, writing that members of the Board of Supervisors allowed marijuana businesses to dictate policy and failed to serve the interests of the county’s residents. The grand jury, which serves as an... Read more
L.A. revamps rules for cannabis licensing, hoping to redress harm from war on drugs
Los Angeles is revamping its rules for handing out licenses to cannabis businesses, amid anger and disappointment over the tumultuous rollout of a program meant to address the damage done by criminalizing marijuana. The rules passed unanimously Wednesday by the Los Angeles City Council tighten the criteria for new... Read more
California cities begin embracing cannabis in desperate search for cash
California local governments scrambling to find tax revenues during the coronavirus pandemic are turning toward an industry they had considered taboo until now: cannabis. It has been almost four years since voters legalized recreational marijuana in California, and nearly 70 percent of cities and counties have yet to embrace... Read more
DA moves to dismiss more than 1,000 marijuana convictions in Santa Cruz County
More than a thousand marijuana-related convictions dating back as far as 1969 may soon be thrown out in Santa Cruz County. Santa Cruz County District Attorney Jeff Rosell announced Thursday he has petitioned local courts to reduce, dismiss and seal a total of 1,169 marijuana cases involving 1,085 defendants.... Read more
LA Gives Initial OK for Reboot of Marijuana Marketplace
Los Angeles moved Wednesday to reboot its once-promising legal marijuana market, giving initial approval to changes large and small to expand licensing and get more assistance to operators who endured the consequences of the nation’s war on drugs. Broad legal sales kicked off in California in 2018, and at... Read more
After a lot of community blowback about not being inclusive enough and a failed attempt at social equity last year, The Los Angeles City Council may adopt new cannabis licensing and social equity plans that would overhaul the existing licensing system.  This new proposal comes from the Department of... Read more
Cannabis and CBD Companies Subject to Increased Prop 65 Exposure
By Ian A. Stewart Cannabis and CBD companies must prepare for increased liability under California’s notorious Proposition 65 statute. THC has been added to the list of chemicals for which Prop 65 warnings are required. The statute now identifies THC as a chemical that may cause reproductive harm and... Read more
California’s Local Marijuana Laws Fail to Heed Decades of Lessons from Tobacco Controls
PRESS RELEASE Allowing high potency products, fruit flavored and candy-like products designed to attract youth, aggressive marketing, and a lack of accurate information has led to a market that fails to protect young people from marijuana health risks, says JAMA Network Open study Oakland, CA- A study published today... Read more
Black Cannabis Entrepreneurs: Cut Marijuana Taxes, Defund The Police
Black cannabis entrepreneurs are calling for a repeal of marijuana taxes that dedicate funding to police and law enforcement. Along with massive demonstrations in almost every American city—and many small towns—the killing of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man suspected of a nonviolent crime, by Minneapolis police on May... Read more
In light of the recent protests over the murders of George Floyd, Breyonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, two out of the three different regulatory agencies in California temporarily removed their online databases so that dispensaries will be less easy to find for looters during protests.  A Call To Action... Read more

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