Evidence-Based Research Suggests Allowing Cannabis Storefront Retail Benefits Neighboring Property Values, Public Health and Safety

In 2016, California voters approved Prop 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, by nearly 2 million votes. In addition to legalizing adult use and possession of cannabis, the law creates a statewide regulatory regime for commercial cannabis activity, but also provides discretion to local jurisdictions to prohibit or restrict such businesses. Almost 18 months…

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California Cannabis Litigation: Alta Sierra v. Kern County and Protecting the Will of the Voters

Kern County has a long and sordid history when it comes to regulating cannabis. There has been over a decade of allegations of corruption, bribery, arrests, and a plethora of lawsuits. Long story short, in March of 2009, the County passed an ordinance that permitted medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the County as long as they…

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ICYMI: Phase 3 Marijuana Retail Licensing in L.A. Shoots to Commence in September

In case you missed it, at the end of last month, the City of L.A. finally decided on what to do with Phase 3 cannabis licensing regarding retail and retail delivery (see here and here for the City’s newest ordinances). In addition, City Council instructed the Department of Cannabis Regulation (“DCR”) to begin the pre-vetting process for social…

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Some California cities would be forced to allow marijuana sales under bill to triple pot shops in state

Escalating a feud with cities over marijuana, state lawmakers are pushing to require municipalities to lift bans on cannabis stores if voters there supported Proposition 64, the 2016 initiative that legalized sale of the drug for recreational use in California. A bill moving through the Legislature would require those... Read more
What You Should Know Before Leasing Property For Cannabis and Hemp Use

When the City of Huntington Beach imposed a fine on a landlord in excess of $150,000 for allowing a cannabis dispensary to operate out of his property, the landlord was surprised to learn that while cannabis has been legalized by California, each city has the right to regulate, restrict... Read more
Cannabis Securities Litigation: Hawaii Federal Court Denies Motion to Stay Civil “Pump and Dump” Case Pending Resolution of Parallel Criminal Proceedings

Cannabis is hyped as a hot investment, and it can be, though it is not without risk as a recent CNN article points out. (See also links below).  Setting aside issues concerning the federal prohibition on marijuana, the cannabis industry’s path from the black market to legalization has been rife with hucksters and promises of…

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California Proposed Williamson Act Changes Could Expand Availability of Cannabis and Hemp Farmland

California legislators have so far proposed more than 40 new cannabis laws for the 2019 session, ranging from cannabis tax reductions to banking reforms to party buses. But one bill stands out as a potentially important change to cannabis and hemp cultivation throughout the state: SB-527 would add language to a California law known as…

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Member Blog: Put Your Cannabis Products to the Test – How Companies Can Work Closely with Labs to Maximize Efficiency and Quality

By Dr. John Oram, CEO & Founder of NUG Laboratory testing regulations for the cannabis industry have been consistently inconsistent, leaving companies struggling to adapt. In the early stages of California’s legal medical marijuana market, labs limited testing to potency, disregarding purity, which put patients at risk. When California... Read more
BREAKING NEWS: California Opens Up for Commercial Hemp Cultivation

By Griffin Thorne, Attorney at Harris Bricken We have been closely following California’s commercial hemp cultivation licensing law since it was proposed last year as Senate Bill 1409 (see here, here, and here). In March, I wrote about some of the roadblocks to implementing SB-1409’s commercial hemp cultivation programs, and the lengthy review process of the... Read more

Get to know the team at Berkeley Patients Group, a founding member of NCIA, based in the Bay Area of California. Established in 1999, Berkeley Patients Group is the nation’s longest-running dispensary. Etienne Fontan and Sabrina Fendrick talk about the importance of establishing banking services for our industry, as... Read more

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