Army soldiers aren’t allowed to use hemp-derived CBD even if its federally legal—but the military branch is now asking for information about using hemp yarn in uniforms to help camouflage snipers. In a request for information (RFI) posted last week, the Army said that it’s interested in exploring alternative... Read more
Neil deGrasse Tyson might be best known as an astrophysicist whose expertise lies in the cosmos beyond. But he says there may be mysteries yet to be unraveled here on earth when it comes to undiscovered plant life with psychedelic potential. On an episode of his podcast StarTalk, Tyson... Read more
Pennsylvania medical cannabis patients would receive some protection from being convicted for driving under the influence if a bill making its way through the state legislature is passed and signed into law by Governor Tom Wolf. The measure, Senate Bill 167, was approved last week by the Senate Transportation... Read more
Best Cannabis Stocks To Watch July 4th Right Now
You’re reading a copy of this week’s edition of the New Cannabis Ventures weekly newsletter, which we have been publishing since October 2015. The newsletter includes unique insight to help our readers stay ahead of the curve as well as links to the week’s most important news. Friends, Canopy... Read more
How Much Lower Can Top Marijuana Stocks Go In 2022?
The Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded Texas A&M University $3.47 million to support a project to 3D print hemp-based building materials known colloquially as hempcrete, with a focus on creating affordable housing. The plan is to utilize the crop in environmentally sustainable engineering projects using 3D printing technology.... Read more
A GOP congressman wants to explore the therapeutic potential of psilocybin mushrooms and MDMA as alternatives to opioids for military service members, filing an amendment on Thursday that would promote research into the substances through an annual defense bill. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who has been vocal about his... Read more
Vermont voters overwhelmingly support decriminalizing currently illicit drugs and treating substance misuse as a public health issue, according to a new poll. The survey released by Data for Progress and the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) on Thursday found widespread, bipartisan support for the basic principle of decriminalization, as well... Read more
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