Okta Inc Up 150% Since March, Outlook Remains Bullish
Okta Stock Soars 90% Year-to-Date While the coronavirus pandemic has hammered the bottom lines and share prices of many tech companies, it has actually helped propel Okta Inc (NASDAQ:OKTA) considerably higher. The cloud security tech stock has advanced 75% year-over-year, 90% since the start of 2020, and about 150%... Read more
What COVID-19 Taught Us About Marijuana Stocks & How to Profit From That Info
Marijuana Stocks Rebound This year has been an unpredictable one for every company on the market, no matter what industry they operate in. COVID-19 has created perhaps the most unpredictable economy since the Great Depression. Marijuana stocks, due to their volatile nature as part of an emergent industry, became... Read more
R1 RCM Inc Up 120% From March Lows, Climbs on Strong Q2 Results
R1 RCM Stock Hits New 52-Week High R1 RCM Inc (NASDAQ:RCM) is one of those great under-the-radar tech stocks that have been quietly rewarding buy-and-hold investors for years. Chances are good that you haven’t heard of R1 RCM stock though because, until recently, it was a penny stock. Note that,... Read more
A New EV Stock Just Went Public and It Could Be Huge
Looking for EV Stocks? Check Out Li Auto Inc. In recent years, there has been a massive surge in the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the road. Seeing the booming market, every automaker—from Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) to Detroit’s “Big Three,” to EV start-ups—wants a piece of the action.... Read more
Three Stocks That Allow You to Take Advantage of Current Market Conditions
COVID-19 Stocks Show Limitless Promise It’s looking like 2020 is going to be something of a lost year. Having spent the past four or so months in a state of semi-perpetual lockdown (and with little hope of that lockdown totally lifting before 2021), many people’s plans have been put... Read more
Zscaler Inc: Cloud Security Stock On Fire, Up 275% Since March
Zscaler Inc Is Trumping the Market, But More Gains Coming Zscaler Inc (NASDAQ:ZS) is an excellent cybersecurity stock that has been trouncing its peers and the broader market. Zscaler stock is up 48% year-over-year, 177% since the start of 2020, and 275% since the stock market crashed in March.... Read more
GenMark Diagnostics, Inc Up 258% This Year, Ideal Conditions for More
GenMark Diagnostics, Inc Has Bright Future as Medical Testing Costs Fall A key player in the molecular diagnostic solutions space is GenMark Diagnostics, Inc (NASDAQ:GNMK). Here we are, about six months living with the COVID-19 pandemic, and the rush to find a vaccine is relentless. While this virus will eventually be... Read more
Crown Castle International Corp: A 5G Stock for Risk-Averse Investors?
Looking for 5G Stocks? Read This If you are looking for growth in your investment portfolio, 5G stocks are worth checking out. With ultra-low latency and data transmission speed up to 100 times faster than 4G technology, 5G networks have the potential to revolutionize a whole bunch of industries.... Read more
This Stock Surged 1,600% in Three Days, How Can You Profit?
Kodak Stock Goes Wild I think it’s safe to say that Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE:KODK) wasn’t really on anyone’s radar before the last few days. Famous for being a more-than-century-old American photography company, and more recently for going bankrupt in 2011, Kodak has almost overnight become one of the... Read more
Moderna Stock Is Going Wild Right Now, Here’s How Best to Profit
Moderna Stock Remains Volatile Shares of Moderna Inc (NASDAQ:MRNA) have shot up nearly 300% since February, when I first wrote about it. The company has had a rough road since then, and I’m here to reassess MRNA stock and explain how best to profit from what is among the hottest... Read more

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