How Denver businesses plan to deal with face mask enforcement
Beginning Wednesday, any customer entering a Denver business will be required to put on a mask. That part is straightforward. But what happens when people refuse to do so? It’s a question that cities and states around the country are grappling with as mandatory mask orders become more common... Read more
Second Colorado dispensary will soon begin offering marijuana delivery
Boulder will soon be home to two dispensaries legally delivering medical marijuana. Helping Hands Cannabis on Pearl Street recently procured its license for delivery and expects to begin service to medical patients in mid-May, according to co-owner Johnny Kurish. Kurish decided to offer delivery as a way to safely... Read more
Denver risking tax dollars by “ineffectively” auditing marijuana businesses, city auditor alleges
Denver’s process for auditing marijuana businesses is inadequate and has potentially cost the city countless tax dollars allocated for public service programs, the city auditor alleged Thursday. In a scathing new report, Denver auditor and certified public accountant Timothy M. O’Brien evaluated the city’s methods, strategies and standards for... Read more
Denver marijuana dispensaries see increase in burglaries during coronavirus pandemic
Denver marijuana businesses have seen an increase in burglaries during the coronavirus pandemic as the cannabis industry continues to see an uptick in crime in the city, according to police. Allowed to continue operations as essential businesses, dispensaries and cultivations reported 10 burglaries in the first two weeks of... Read more
Colorado’s marijuana businesses should be eligible for federal coronavirus aid, Polis tells Congress
Colorado’s cannabis industry is allowed to remain open to provide “critical” services during the coronavirus pandemic, but because marijuana is a federally controlled substance, dispensaries and other businesses are ineligible to receive stimulus funds to help offset the economic impacts caused by COVID-19. Many say they’re struggling. Gov. Jared... Read more
Colorado’s marijuana businesses can remain open during pandemic, but they say they’re still struggling
As the coronavirus fueled changes in regulation for Colorado’s cannabis industry, leaders at LivWell Enlightened Health knew they needed to make dramatic moves to keep the business and its workers thriving. And fast. On March 30, 18 company executives and department heads agreed to suspend their compensation for three... Read more
Colorado dispensaries say coronavirus pandemic is making case for marijuana delivery
As the coronavirus pandemic disrupts daily life and commerce in Colorado, many in the state’s marijuana industry believe it makes the case for allowing dispensaries to begin delivering to customers’ homes now. Legislators legalized cannabis delivery with the passage of House Bill 1234 in 2019. The law permits medical marijuana... Read more
Peloton Interactive Inc: Tech Stock Worth Considering Despite COVID-19
Why PTON Stock Could Be an Opportunity If you’ve been following markets long enough, you may have noticed that whenever there’s a sell-off, investors tend to first unload the stocks that went up the most. That means tech stocks could be in danger. And indeed they are. The tech... Read more
Organigram Holdings Inc: This $1.50 Pot Stock Could Deliver Big Returns
A Pot Stock Seeing Massive Growth The Canadian Maritimes, which consists of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island, is not a very populous region. Combined, these three provinces have around 1.9 million residents, which is a tiny fraction of the country’s total population of 37.9 million. Still,... Read more
These 2 Pharma Stocks May Be in for Huge Gains Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
Coronavirus-Driven Market Puts Emphasis on Pharma Stocks As you’d expect during a pandemic, those who make medicine are among the best situated to eke out a profit, even as most other stocks tumble. Considering that gold and bonds and other traditional safe-haven investments are falling at the moment, many... Read more

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