Portugal’s new hemp guidelines resolve months of oversight uncertainty
Hemp growers in Portugal got some long-awaited clarity on cultivation oversight this week after legislation naming the country’s regulatory bodies for hemp crops took effect. Under guidelines that took effect on Wednesday, the cultivation of EU-certified industrial hemp in Portugal will be regulated by four state agencies: The Agriculture... Read more
5 tips on protecting your hemp crops from diseases
Courtesy of Penn State University For a while now there’s been an incorrect yet popular belief that hemp plants have no diseases and don’t need pesticides or fertilizers. Although that mythology has persisted, horticulturists and farmers with experience growing hemp know the plant is vulnerable to diseases and disorders... Read more
Georgia sets higher processing fees, out-of-state sales with new hemp law
Regulations for Georgia’s new hemp industry are now in effect, allowing out-of-state hemp sales, hiking processing fees, and implementing transportation rules. Hemp processors would need to pay a $25,000 permit fee to the state Department of Agriculture on the first year and $50,000 every subsequent year. The fees are... Read more
Colorado CBD maker inks distribution deal with multistate golf course management company
A Colorado hemp and CBD company with a special focus on tapping customers who golf has settled a distribution partnership with a large golf-club management and marketing company to expand the brand’s reach in the sector. Functional Remedies’ Synchronicity full-spectrum hemp oil will be distributed through golf clubs and... Read more
Member Blog: Drug Testing In Legal States – Corporate Policy vs. State Law
by Samantha Vanegas, VP of Operations, ath Power Consulting Currently, 33 states have legalized medical marijuana, and 11 others have given the green light to marijuana’s recreational use; however, the federal government still classifies any use of marijuana as illegal. This disparity creates a rift when employers go to... Read more
Committee Blog: Best Practices Guide – Allergen Labeling
By Brandon Dorsky, The Law Offices of Brandon DorskyMember of NCIA’s Packaging and Labeling Committee Determining which edible to consume is an art all by itself. Making that choice when you suffer from food allergies often makes the decision all the more challenging. Despite the continued federal illegality of... Read more
Editor’s Notebook: Federal CBD inaction forcing industry to self-regulate to fight illicit competitors
Kristen Nichols (This is an abridged version of a column that appears in the August issue of Marijuana Business Magazine.) It isn’t just the guys and gals making high-THC products who confront illicit competition. Hemp entrepreneurs see it, too. The fact was driven home recently when a CBD manufacturer I... Read more
Canadian, Australian firms team up to market CBD products in Asia-Pacific
A major greenhouse grower based in Canada has inked an agreement to buy part of a cannabinoid seller in Australia to support its ambitions of entering the CBD market in the Asia-Pacific region. Village Farms International, a grower with greenhouses and partner greenhouses in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico... Read more
CBD cigarette maker hires Philip Morris strategist as new chief executive
A Las Vegas-based company preparing to launch a brand of CBD-containing hemp cigarettes later this year has appointed a former Philip Morris strategist as its CEO. Taat Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd. said in a statement that Setti Coscarella was uniquely suited to the CEO role given his experience in... Read more
Uruguay cannabis company ships 50 kilograms dried flower to Switzerland via Germany
Cannabis Uruguay Ltda. (UCAN), a cannabis cultivator and processor in Montevideo, has exported its first shipment of dried flowers to Switzerland via Germany. The company’s 50-kilogram shipment of dried cannabis flower landed in Frankfurt on Saturday and arrived in Zurich on Sunday, Jorge Jover, an agronomist who works at... Read more

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