State politicians are growing concerned about NY’s legal marijuana rollout
Sparked by a NY Cannabis Insider story from earlier this month, New York’s Legislative Commission on Rural Resources has asked the Office of Cannabis Management for clarification and updates on the state’s rollout of its legal marijuana industry. The commission, chaired by NY State Senator Rachel May and directed by Mayor Hal McCabe of Homer, sent... Read more
Marijuana legalization could bring Arkansas $460M, study finds
Marijuana legalization could bring $460 million to the state’s budget, according to a new study, but opponents said new revenue doesn’t overcome increased costs. Voters will get a chance in November to weigh in on a constitutional amendment that if approved would legalize recreational cannabis in Arkansas. Sales of... Read more
Recreational Marijuana Amendment Sparks Support in Rural Missouri
In 2019 Brooke Foster learned her son was changing his undergraduate major and abandoning his pre-medicine track. His new plan: cannabis. Foster, who owned and operated her family’s chain of local grocery stores in rural, northern Missouri, was shocked. She knew little about medical marijuana and, as many do,... Read more
Marijuana’s last taboo: Parents who get stoned
When Suzy found out she was pregnant with her first child, she stopped smoking pot immediately. She had used cannabis recreationally, on weekends, since her early 20s, but didn’t want to do anything that might harm the baby. After giving birth, Suzy fell into postpartum depression. She loved her... Read more
Marijuana Vacation Rentals Remain Niche But Are Catching On
A weed getaway is more complicated than it sounds. While you may live in a legal state, the drug’s status of your destination matters. Marijuana is also federally illegal, meaning that transporting it across states lines is prohibited, even where it’s legal. Here’s where cannabis vacation rentals come in.... Read more
Recreational marijuana use in Australia could be legalised by federal parliament, Greens say
Federal parliament could override state laws to legalise recreational marijuana use, according to new constitutional advice obtained by the Greens. As the minor party ramps up its campaign to legalise cannabis ahead of a planned private member’s bill to be introduced next year, the Greens’ justice spokesperson, David Shoebridge,... Read more
‘Let’s Do It Legit’: Drug Arrestees Vie for First New York Pot Licenses
Anytime the police approached the street in the Bronx where Hector Bonilla used to hang out, his friends would toss away their marijuana on the ground, he said. The police would pin the drugs on whomever was closest, Mr. Bonilla said. That is how he ended up with two... Read more

But which cannabis strains are best for at-home grows? Let’s take a look. Here are five of the best cannabis strains to grow indoors

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Recreational weed proponent casts doubt on poll showing reverse in fortune for ballot measure legalizing marijuana in South Dakota
Sure, he’s seen the poll, but he’s not sweating it. Matt Schweich, South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws’ campaign director, has serious doubts about a survey released on Aug. 24 that showed a ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana — again — was losing 54.5% to 43.8% (as illustrated... Read more
Group supporting Arkansas recreational marijuana initiative contends it’s exceeded state’s standards
A group proposing a referendum to legalize recreational marijuana argues in a recently filed Arkansas Supreme Court reply that it not only met but exceeded state requirements when informing voters about amendments in a proposed referendum. Responsible Growth Arkansas filed its response Friday to an Arkansas attorney general’s brief... Read more

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