Massachusetts marijuana regulators asked to revisit recreational delivery, telehealth
The legal market is still taking shape nearly four years since voters legalized marijuana in Massachusetts, and rules around home delivery of cannabis and access options for medical patients were at the center of the latest round of push-and-pull on Monday between the industry, medical patients and regulators. Aspiring... Read more
The pandemic is eating away at the illicit marijuana market
Also, pandemic-frazzled Americans are simply getting stoned more often. “It’s understandable that people may be more hesitant to get their products from sources that are unregulated,” said Kris Krane, CEO of 4Front Ventures, which operates dispensaries in multiple states. “They may not want to go to their dealer’s house,... Read more
Here’s how millennials and boomers differ on marijuana use
August 1, 2020 by AggregatedNews Leave a Comment Baby boomers and millennials can’t agree on anything: the economy, social values, and smoking cannabis. Not whether or not they should consume the plant — boomers now smoke more cannabis than high schoolers — but how, when and where and everything... Read more
Maine predicts 1st recreational cannabis sales by end of year
Mainers should be able to buy legal recreational marijuana by the end of the year. The state Office of Marijuana Policy delayed its planned June launch of the adult-use market because of the COVID-19 pandemic but now expects to allow the first wave of recreational marijuana testing labs, grow facilities and... Read more
Guam’s cannabis board completes review of draft rules; penalty provisions pending
The Cannabis Control Board on Thursday completed its review of the draft recreational cannabis regulations, with the caveat that provisions on civil penalties will be added later, among other things. “It’s very difficult to regulate (an industry) when there is no penalty or teeth to the regulations,” said CCB... Read more
Cannabis producer Aphria posts bigger-than-expected loss
Canadian pot producer Aphria APHA.TO, <APHA.O> on Wednesday posted a bigger-than-expected quarterly loss and took impairment charges on some foreign assets, as coronavirus-related lockdowns disrupted tourism and supply chains. U.S.-listed shares of the company fell about 4% in premarket trading. Lack of profitability has been a major concern for cannabis investors... Read more
Democrats Reject Marijuana Legalization In Party Platform
The draft version of the platform supports decriminalizing marijuana use and legalizing medical marijuana, adding that it should be left up to the states “to make their own decisions about recreational use.” The platform was unlikely to ever endorse full legalization, since Joe Biden, the presumptive nominee, does not... Read more
The CEO of the largest marijuana company says a blue wave could trigger legalization ‘very quickly’
As prospects of Democrats taking back control of the Senate continue to grow, the CEO of the largest cannabis company by revenue is predicting it could lead to an expedited timeline of marijuana becoming legal in the U.S. at the federal level. Speaking with Yahoo Finance shortly after the... Read more
Illinois Dedicates Marijuana Tax Dollars To Underserved Areas
Illinois will distribute $31.5 million in grants over the next year to local nonprofits, faith- or community-based organizations and governmental bodies to address issues in historically underserved parts of the state. The money for these grants comes from 25% of the tax revenue the state collects from recreational marijuana... Read more
Chicago-based Grassroots Cannabis sold in $830 million deal
July 24, 2020 by AggregatedNews Leave a Comment An $830 million deal to acquire Grassroots Cannabis closed Thursday, upending a trend of failed multimillion-dollar acquisitions of Chicago-based marijuana companies. Grassroots, which has a cultivation facility in Litchfield and is affiliated with eight dispensaries around the state, was acquired by... Read more

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