Minnesota groups unite to oppose marijuana legalization
Several businesses, trade groups and social organizations announced the formation of a coalition on Monday opposing legalization of recreational marijuana in Minnesota as the measure’s supporters signal another push for the issue ahead of the start of the legislative session next week. The proposal passed in the Democratic-controlled House last... Read more
Third recreational marijuana constitutional amendment is proposed by group for Arkansas November ballot
A third group seeking to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use in Arkansas filed a petition for a proposed constitutional amendment to appear on the ballot in November, providing the group obtains enough signatures on petitions. The Arkansas Adult Use Cannabis Amendment is backed by the ballot question committee... Read more
To stay or to go: New York gets clearest view of local marijuana opt-outs after deadline
The haze over where marijuana can be legally bought and sold in New York became clearer on Tuesday as most localities decided they’re all in on retail sales and consumption lounge licenses, state data showed. Just 10% of cities across the state and about a third of municipalities have opted out of all... Read more
Arizona recreational marijuana sales worth over half a million dollars in 2021
New data from the Arizona Dept. of Revenue shows that one year after recreational marijuana use became legal in the state, its generated over $44 million in tax revenue. Combined with medical marijuana sales, total sales of marijuana topped $1.2 billion in 2021. After steady growth January and February... Read more
The 2023 budget was recently proposed by the governor of Rhode Island, which aims to establish a legislative framework for recreational cannabis legalization. Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee presented his Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Proposal on January 20, and includes recreational cannabis legalization. “Today, we know there are still... Read more
Advocates for recreational marijuana in Delaware ‘optimistic’ this is the year
Delaware lawmakers who support legalizing recreational marijuana are taking a run at it for the sixth straight year, and the lead sponsor says he’s “feeling optimistic.” First introduced in 2017, a bill to legalize weed fell four votes short of passage in the Delaware House of Representatives in 2018... Read more
US Senate candidate from Louisiana smokes marijuana in new campaign ad
Gary Chambers Jr., a Democrat and social justice activist, is shown in the ad sitting in a chair and taking puffs from a rolled marijuana blunt. While smoking, he cites arrest statistics for Black Americans related to marijuana possession. “I hope this ad works to not only destigmatize the use of marijuana,... Read more
Omicron strains marijuana industry supply chain in Massachusetts
Licensed marijuana firms cannot legally move pot products across state lines. But that doesn’t mean they’ve been spared the supply chain disruptions wreaking havoc on the rest of the business world. As the Omicron variant surges, Massachusetts cannabis companies are facing significant shortages of foreign-made packaging and construction materials that... Read more
California was supposed to clear cannabis convictions. Tens of thousands are still languishing
Nearly two decades ago, on a high desert road in San Bernardino County, Sara Rodriguez was pulled over and arrested with 10 small packets of cannabis in her car. She was convicted of a felony, possession of the drug for sale, and eventually spent more than two years in... Read more
Ohio recreational marijuana campaign submits extra signatures to state for legalization effort
A coalition of Ohio medical marijuana businesses behind an effort to legalize the drug for recreational adult use submitted extra signatures Thursday, hoping to make up a shortfall in the number of registered voters needed to get the proposal on the ballot in November. The 29,918 new signatures were... Read more

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