Will Neil Young’s Marijuana Use Keep Him From Becoming a U.S. Citizen?
Neil Young had a certain birthday present in mind this year: United States citizenship. Everything seemed to be in place for him to take his oath on Tuesday, his 74th birthday, the Canadian singer told The Los Angeles Times last month. Amid what he called a “climate emergency,” he was looking... Read more
Top 6 Growing Pains in California’s Cannabis Marketplace

Every state that’s legalized cannabis for adults 21-and-up has faced that moment or even series of moments that threatened to really derail or seriously stymie market development. California is at that crossroads and has been almost from the outset of the first issuances of cannabis licenses back in January 2018. California will, of course, eventually…

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As Illinois Prepares To Legalize Pot, Public Housing Tenants Not Allowed To Partake
Recreational pot is about to become legal in Illinois, but Chicago’s Housing Authority says not in our backyard or front yard or anywhere on public housing premises, for that matter. Housing voucher recipients received a letter from the agency last week, warning them about the ramifications of smoking or... Read more
Michigan’s recreational marijuana market could open earlier than originally expected
As recreational licenses are being processed, Michigan’s prospective marijuana businesses are becoming eager, if not antsy, to begin growing, processing and selling legal weed to the general public. As of now, based on the current rules and the length of the marijuana grow cycle once businesses are licensed, there... Read more
California Suspends Hundreds of Marijuana Supply Businesses
California has suspended 394 marijuana business permits in a move that critics say will temporarily reduce the number of legal cannabis shops in the state. The suspension affecting about 5% of California’s legal cannabis supply chain comes after the businesses failed to complete mandatory training and credentialing, Marijuana Business... Read more
Federal Antitrust Scrutiny and (Certain) Cannabis Deals

If you follow state-by-state legal cannabis legalization, you’re aware that despite the federal illegality of cannabis, certain federal agencies police the cannabis industry like they do any other legal industry. For example, the NLRB has been known to go after cannabis companies engaged in hostile workplace conduct and the Department of Treasury contemplates banking services to…

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POLITICO-Harvard poll: Despite vaping crisis, Americans view e-cigarettes as far more dangerous than marijuana
You are here: Home / Uncategorized / POLITICO-Harvard poll: Despite vaping crisis, Americans view e-cigarettes as far more dangerous than marijuana November 5, 2019 by AggregatedNews Leave a Comment Americans now think marijuana is much less harmful than alcohol, tobacco or e-cigarettes, according to new polling results from POLITICO and Harvard’s... Read more
10 Michigan communities will vote whether to ban or allow marijuana business
Municipalities across Michigan on Tuesday, Nov. 5, are expected to vote on whether to ban, allow or limit recreational marijuana business within their borders. Michigan voters in November 2018, by a 56%-44% margin, voted in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana possession, personal use and businesses, such as retail stores,... Read more
A year after marijuana became legal, Michigan still months away from retail sales
Retail sales of recreational marijuana may still be months away and confined to select communities, even though Michigan began taking applications for businesses on Friday. The Marijuana Regulatory Agency last week began accepting applications for what is expected to be a lucrative new industry. That’s more than a month... Read more
Recreational Marijuana Bill Introduced in Pennsylvania
Recreational cannabis could soon be coming to the Keystone State. That’s if Pennsylvania lawmakers Daylin Leach and Sharif Street can muster enough support for their latest proposal. The state senators introduced Senate Bill 350 on Oct. 15. The bill would allow for both home delivery and the automatic expungement... Read more

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