With moves by neighboring states, will Iowa change its marijuana laws?
While Republican majorities in Iowa’s Legislature are unlikely this session to mimic moves made in surrounding states easing restrictions on the possession and use of cannabis, supporters pushing for reforms in Iowa see growing support. Brad Knott is president of the Campaign for Sensible Cannabis Laws. He launched the campaign... Read more
Florida recreational marijuana clears first hurdle to get on 2024 ballot
Backers of a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow recreational use of marijuana have passed a preliminary hurdle to get on the 2024 ballot, submitting more than enough petition signatures to trigger a Florida Supreme Court review of the measure. The “Smart & Safe Florida” political committee, which has... Read more
Most Texans support legalizing marijuana for medical use, poll finds
The overwhelming majority of Texans’ support relaxing the state’s current restrictions on marijuana for both medical and recreational use, a new study found. According to the survey from the Hobby School of Public Affairs at the University of Houston, 82% of Texans support legalizing marijuana for medical use. A... Read more
A new study on marijuana legalization in Colorado answers the question: Has legal pot made other drug problems worse?
Last year, a study came out showing that marijuana legalization in Colorado likely increased cannabis use among adults in the state. Because of the novel methods the researchers used to examine the question, the study was perhaps the best answer to date on one of legalization’s biggest impacts. But it... Read more
New York State now has 66 licensed cannabis retailers
New York marijuana regulators on Wednesday approved dozens of conditional adult-use dispensary licenses in a session during which members also discussed adopting bylaws for how the board runs meetings and makes decisions. The Cannabis Control Board – which now includes newly appointed member Dr. Jennifer Gilbert Jenkins – approved 30 new Conditional Adult-Use Retail... Read more
New marijuana legalization bill gets New Hampshire hearing
The New Hampshire Legislature is once again debating recreational use of marijuana but efforts to legalize it still face significant hurdles. In the decade since the state legalized medical marijuana, the House has passed recreational marijuana bills several times only to see them get killed in the Senate. Republican... Read more
City and county officials in upstate New York are at odds over the implementation of rules governing the sale and cultivation of marijuana in the community.  The dispute is between the Niagara Falls City Council and members of the Niagara County Planning Board, and it centers around how the... Read more
Two Republican state lawmakers in Ohio have introduced a bill to revamp the state’s medical marijuana laws that would create a new state agency to oversee the program and allow more patients to use cannabis medicinally. The measure, Senate Bill 9, was introduced by state Senators Steve Huffman and... Read more
Cannabis industry looks ahead to 2023 after facing challenges in 2022
As many readers know, 2022 was a mixed bag for the cannabis industry. While new markets showed healthy growth, legal cannabis sales declined in many mature markets, slowing, or even reversing, growth in those markets. While some of this might be attributable to parallels experienced by the broader economy... Read more
NYC councilmembers urge sheriff, NYPD to escalate crackdown of unlicensed marijuana
The task force Mayor Eric Adams recently formed to crack down on storefronts selling unlicensed marijuana is ramping up its efforts – but shutting these shops down completely could be an uphill battle. At a New York City Council hearing on the proliferation of unlicensed smoke shops Wednesday, Sheriff Anthony Miranda,... Read more

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