What happens if New Jersey legalizes marijuana: Everything you need to know
October 20, 2020 by AggregatedNews Leave a Comment The measure has overwhelming support by a ratio of 2 to 1, several polls show. But if the measure passes, then what? The ballot question provides no details about how legalization would be put into practice. A legal industry will take time... Read more
Marijuana delivery plan for Massachusetts goes too far, lawmakers say
The lawmakers — including former Marijuana Policy Committee co-chair Rep. Mark Cusack — said the successful 2016 legalization question and the ballot law as amended by the Legislature in 2017 “deliberatively and intentionally created a license that made clear delivery of marijuana to consumers is directly and only linked... Read more
New Zealand to vote on legalising marijuana and euthanasia
AUCKLAND: New Zealanders are poised to decide on two landmark social issues during an election on Saturday (Oct 16): Whether to legalise recreational marijuana and whether to legalise euthanasia. A “yes” vote on both referendums would arguably make the nation of 5 million one of the more liberal countries... Read more
2020’s marijuana legalization ballot measures, explained
Between the presidential election, governors’ races, and down-ballot contests, this year’s election features a lot of important choices. Among those, voters in five states will have a chance to legalize marijuana for recreational or medical uses. In Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota, voters could legalize marijuana for recreational purposes.... Read more
Cannabis Industry Hopes Racial Justice Message Can Help Legalize Recreational Marijuana Use In NJ
New Jersey voters will decide on November 3rd whether to legalize recreational marijuana use for adults age 21 and over in the Garden State. While its use is legal for medicinal purposes in the state, legalizing it for recreational use remains a controversial issue. Even so, the idea of... Read more
Biggest contributor to N.J. marijuana vote effort is better known for killing weeds
October 15, 2020 by AggregatedNews Leave a Comment The largest contributor to the Garden State’s legalization drive is a lawn care company: Scotts Miracle-Gro, a firm best-known for grass seed, turf builder, and eradicating weeds. The second largest backer is the American Civil Liberties Union of N.J. Scotts has... Read more
Recreational marijuana tax revenue passes $100 million in Illinois
October 15, 2020 by AggregatedNews Leave a Comment Illinois has collected more than $100 million in recreational marijuana tax revenue since legalizing sales on January 1, according to the state’s Department of Revenue. The tax revenue, which includes a cannabis tax, as well as state and local sales taxes, reflects growing... Read more
Mainers spent over $250K on cannabis during first weekend
October 14, 2020 by AggregatedNews Leave a Comment Maine residents spent more than $250,000 on marijuana over the course of the first weekend of legal retail sales of the drug in the state. Voters in the state chose to legalize adult use marijuana in 2016, but retail sales didn’t... Read more
Gov. Tom Wolf again pushes Pennsylvania marijuana legalization to help fix financial damage from coronavirus
You are here: Home / Policy & Legal / Pennsylvania / Gov. Tom Wolf again pushes Pennsylvania marijuana legalization to help fix financial damage from coronavirus October 14, 2020 by AggregatedNews Leave a Comment Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf on Tuesday once again prodded the Republican-led Legislature to legalize recreational... Read more
Bernie Sanders Celebrates His Home State’s Marijuana Reform Milestone
Vermont made history in 2018 by becoming the first state to legalize recreational cannabis through the Legislature. Lawmakers forgot one thing, though — to create a regulated and legal marijuana market in the process. The state prohibited cannabis sales for the past two years, even though residents could possess... Read more

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