According to The Charlotte Observer, the cultivation site is located in the eastern part of the state in The Qualla Boundary. In addition to beginning its first harvest on Nov. 18, the tribe also plans to open the largest medical cannabis dispensary in the state sometime in 2023, which... Read more
Taking a cue from President Joe Biden, North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper on Friday urged state lawmakers to decriminalize marijuana. “Conviction of simple possession can mar people’s records for life and maybe even prevent them from getting a job,” Cooper, a Democrat, said during a task force meeting on... Read more
Hemp is now permanently legal in North Carolina thanks to a bill signed into law by the state’s governor. The legislation was one of three measures signed on Thursday by Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat. As written, the bill will permanently remove hemp from the state’s list of controlled... Read more
NC Medical Marijuana Bill Held Up As Industrial Hemp Laws Sunset
There’s a growing industry here in North Carolina, and with it come countless rules, gray areas, and legal confusion—and no, we’re not talking about NFTs. The hemp industry has been blooming in the state for years, but North Carolina is one of 12 states that doesn’t have a medical marijuana... Read more
‘Our frustration continues’: CBD could be illegal next week in North Carolina as legislative hemp action stalls
ASHEVILLE — With a key deadline less than a week away, sellers of hemp and hemp-derived cannabidiol, or CBD, are growing increasingly restless that the North Carolina General Assembly hasn’t acted to remove the plant from the state’s controlled substance list. “Our frustration continues as the General Assembly cannot get... Read more
Medical marijuana bill stalls in North Carolina. Why cannabis advocates are frustrated
It’s been nearly 21 years since Hillsborough resident Blake Tedder nearly lost his life. His father was flying a single-engine plane until it stalled over the Colorado Rockies. When the plane crashed into the mountains, it caught fire and the two men had more than one-third of their bodies burned.... Read more
North Carolina medical marijuana bill faces long chances in House after final Senate OK
Legislation making it lawful to smoke marijuana or consume cannabis-infused products for medical purposes in North Carolina cleared the state Senate on Monday evening. After no debate, the measure received bipartisan support by a vote of 36-7. The margin was similar to the outcome of an initial Senate vote last... Read more
North Carolina took another step toward finally legalizing medical cannabis on Thursday, with members of the state Senate overwhelmingly passing a bill that would authorize the treatment for a host of ailments and conditions. The measure passed the chamber on a vote of 35-10, according to the News &... Read more
Video: NCIA Today – Thursday, June 2, 2022
Happy PRIDE! NCIA Director of Communications Bethany Moore checks in with what’s going on across the country with the National Cannabis Industry Association’s membership, board, allies, and staff.  Join us every other Thursday on Facebook for NCIA Today Live. Make the investment, take the time, and do... Read more
A bill in North Carolina would ensure that hemp and CBD remain legal in the state beyond this month. Members of the state Senate approved the legislation on Tuesday, which would permanently remove hemp from North Carolina’s list of controlled substances. According to local television station WGHP, the bill... Read more

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