The New York Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) announced its final list of applicants who will be issued the first retail cannabis licenses in the state. Thirty-six applicants were announced on Nov. 20, which were chosen out of a pool of 903 applicants. “BREAKING: In a historic decision, the... Read more
New York took a significant step on Sunday toward launching a legal market for recreational cannabis by announcing the 36 businesses and nonprofits under consideration for licenses for the first retail dispensaries in the state. The Office of Cannabis Management published the list of candidates ahead of a vote on Monday... Read more
There’s one hitch: Instead of being shipped to retail stores, the weed is just piling up. Though a rampant gray market is already up and running, not one legal recreational dispensary has yet opened in New York, despite the state regulator’s repeated assurances that cannabis stores would be a... Read more
A federal judge in New York has issued a temporary injunction barring the state from issuing licenses for cannabis retailers in five regions after a Michigan-based business filed a lawsuit challenging the process for awarding the highly coveted permits. U.S. District Court Judge Gary Sharpe issued the injunction on... Read more
The black market strangled California’s legal weed industry. Now it’s coming for New York.
“I can sell you mushrooms, too,” he adds. It’s become a familiar scene in New York City. The state legalized adult-use marijuana more than a year ago but is yet to issue a single dispensary license. The result has been a weed free-for-all: Cannabis seems to be for sale... Read more
Federal Injunction Halts New York’s Retail Dispensary Application Process
By Sean Mack On November 10, 2022, a New York federal judge entered an order enjoining New York’s retail cannabis dispensary application process in five regions of the state. This decision follows similar decisions from federal courts in Maine and Michigan that have found provisions in cannabis licensing rules... Read more
The Canadian cannabis company Tilray Brands announced on Tuesday that it is expanding its beverage portfolio with the acquisition of popular New York-based craft brewer, Montauk Brewing. “Tilray Brands continues to strengthen our U.S. footprint and operations through investments in and growing our portfolio of leading lifestyle CPG brands... Read more
For These New York Farmers, Harvest Time Means High Times
In fields from Sag Harbor to Ithaca, a new crop ripened this fall: cannabis plants grown for recreational marijuana. It was a longtime cash crop in the United States, as American as apple pie. Cannabis sativa fields stretched from New England to Virginia even before the Revolutionary War, when... Read more
Entertainment mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs announced on Friday that he is launching what is billed as the world’s largest Black-owned cannabis brand with the $185 million purchase of existing licensed marijuana operations in three states. Combs is purchasing the business operations from Cresco Labs and Columbia Care, two multistate... Read more
NY’s $200 million cannabis fund: Webber & Willis may hold serious conflicts of interest
NY Cannabis Insider has learned that the two high-profile individuals selected to manage a $200 million state cannabis fund may hold significant conflicts of interest that could place New York’s social equity-focused rollout in precarious ethical waters. In June, Gov. Kathy Hochul announced NBA Hall of Famer Chris Webber... Read more

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