Cannabis Chemical May Have ‘Major Impact’ On Pancreatic Cancer Treatment
A chemical found in the cannabis plant has demonstrated “significant therapy potential” in treatment of pancreatic cancer, according to researchers from Harvard University’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Scientists tested the effects of FBL-03G — a derivative of a cannabis “flavonoid,” compounds found in plants that, among other things, give them their colors... Read more
More Pressure On FDA For Greater ‘Clarity’ In CBD Regulations

Hemp is legal in the U.S. Hemp-derived CBD is legal. So why is there STILL no national regulatory framework for these CBD products?

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Bruce Linton Becoming ‘Activist Investor’ In SLANG

Bruce Linton is back. The cannabis icon is assuming several new roles within the cannabis industry. His most prominent new position is with SLANG Worldwide.

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Momentum Building For Cannabis Banking Bill

The SAFE banking bill to provide full banking services for the cannabis industry now has strong support in both the House and the Senate — with votes coming soon in both chambers.

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U.S. Cannabis Anti-Trust Actions: More Cannabis Industry Sabotage

The U.S. federal government STOPPED enforcing anti-trust laws 30 years ago — when it comes to the world’s largest companies. But it’s dusted off these regulations to use as a weapon against the emerging legal cannabis industry.

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The pot stock market has become one of the most prevalent markets…

The post Pot Stocks are Back on the Rise  appeared first on Marijuana Stocks | Cannabis Investments and News. Roots of a Budding Industry.™.

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As someone that trades & fades the cyclical nature of pot stocks…

The post Wolf’s September SetUp appeared first on Marijuana Stocks | Cannabis Investments and News. Roots of a Budding Industry.™.

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California’s Right to Farm Laws, Pesticide Drift, Wine and Weed

California, like other states, has a Right to Farm Act that is intended to protect agricultural activity, and many counties have their own local right to farm ordinances as well. California’s Right to Farm Act provides: “No agricultural activity, operation, or facility, or appurtenances thereof, conducted or maintained for commercial purposes, and in a manner consistent…

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Litigation Update: Who Decides Whether You Can Ship Hemp Through Idaho?

Regular readers know that we are in the midst of presenting a 50-state series analyzing how each state treats hemp-derived cannabidiol (“Hemp CBD”). Recently we covered Idaho, which we neatly summarized as “probably the worst state in the country to get caught with hemp.” The article explains why this is so in detail.  Among the…

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Pancreatic cancer makes up just 3 percent of all cancers in America. But with a one-year survival rate of just 20 percent (and five-year survival rate of less than 8), it’s predicted to be the second leading cause of cancer-related death by 2020.Headlines about the illness, as a result, tend to be discouraging. But this month... Read more

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