The House Has Passed The SAFE Banking Act For The 5th Time

A Marijuana Banking Measure Has Been Passed By The House Once Again

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The SAFE Banking Act Makes It Way Back To The House Under New Defense Bill 
A Virginia Circuit Judge stopped a domestic violence victim mid-testimony to jail her for alleged cannabis use. Loudon County Circuit Judge James P. Fisher in Virginia, who was recently presiding over a domestic violence case, sentenced the victim to 10 days in jail after she admitted that she smoked... Read more
Italian advocate group Referendum Cannabis announced that it has collected 500,000 signatures in one week for its proposed ballot measure, which would decriminalize cannabis cultivation and consumption, as well as other psychoactive substances. Advocates in charge of Referendum Cannabis announced on Facebook on September 18 that they have collected... Read more
Out of all the issues associated with the volatile nature of industries such as the cannabis industry—compliance is the top barrier, representatives from multiple companies said. As it turns out, sectors such as the healthcare industry face similar problems with compliance. According to a new study announced by The... Read more
Switzerland has finally announced its highly anticipated three-and-a-half-year pilot scheme to implement the development of a recreational cannabis trial (and industry). This is a direct result of legislative changes made in Swiss law about the same last year. The trial will allow Swiss cities to set up their own... Read more
Amazon released a new statement elaborating on its decision to remove drug testing as a condition of pre-employment, as well as its support of certain cannabis-related legislation. In a blog post on September 21, Amazon Senior Vice President of Human Resources Beth Galetti wrote about the company’s ongoing plan... Read more
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A political action committee in Florida is spearheading a petition drive to legalize and regulate recreational marijuana in the state, after two previous legalization efforts this year were stymied by the courts.  Sensible Florida PAC announced on Friday that it was kicking off “a new petition drive for a... Read more
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