Amazon said this week that it supports a Republican congresswoman’s proposal to end the prohibition of marijuana on the federal level, the company’s latest embrace of legalization.  In a tweet posted on Tuesday, Amazon said it was “pleased to endorse” a bill introduced by Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC). “Like... Read more
This April, a massive 420 event, packed with an impressive lineup of hip-hop and rap musicians, is heading to Southern California. The Smoker’s Club Festival is an 18+ event will be held at the Glen Helen Amphitheater in San Bernardino, California, on Saturday, April 30—a destination that has been... Read more
Cigarette smokers and vapers beware—a new California law could upend the state’s tobacco industry as we know it, and other states are following suit. Blaming cigarette butts piling up, the law focuses on cigarette and vape waste, rather than focusing on nicotine. California lawmakers introduced a bill on January... Read more
Cannabis Tax Revenue In Massachusetts Has Now Passed Alcohol

Marijuana Stocks May Be Down But Cannabis Tax Revenue In Massachusetts

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Cannabis is officially a billion dollar business in the state of Arizona. Voters in the Grand Canyon State passed a measure at the ballot in 2020 that made recreational pot legal for adults ages 21 and older. Medical cannabis, meanwhile, has been legal in the state since 2010. That... Read more
3 Marijuana Stocks To Watch Before January Is Over
The long, drawn out back-and-forth surrounding a medical cannabis bill in Mississippi reached a potentially major breakthrough last week, with members of the state House overwhelmingly passing the legislation. The bill passed out of the state House by a vote of 104-14, the Associated Press reported. Members of the... Read more
The 2023 budget was recently proposed by the governor of Rhode Island, which aims to establish a legislative framework for recreational cannabis legalization. Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee presented his Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Proposal on January 20, and includes recreational cannabis legalization. “Today, we know there are still... Read more
Best US Cannabis ETFs For 2022 Right Now
The Best US Marijuana Stocks To Watch In 2022 Right Now

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