5 Surprising Reasons to use Cannabis for Fitness

The stereotype of the lazy stoner sitting on the couch all day smoking pot is an image that has long been stamped in our mind. But like many things in the world lately, this stereotype is changing, and surprisingly, more people are now using cannabis to optimize their fitness journey. When you think about it, […]

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Navigating the SPAC Trend in the Cannabis and Hemp/CBD Market
Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACS) have had increased activity in the cannabis and hemp/CBD industries over the past year. Presently, these “blank check companies” have raised more than $3 billion. Investors and operators interested in partaking in these vehicles and participating in the public market should be aware of... Read more
Chart: Pain, inflammation top reasons why low-THC cannabis interests Canadians
Canadian health authorities say there’s strong demand for over-the-counter, low-THC cannabis such as CBD, and most people want to use it for pain and inflammation if the country were to establish a legal market. That’s the result of a recent Health Canada survey. The agency is considering new rules... Read more
5 Helpful Tips for Buying CBD Products

It’s evident that CBD has grown in popularity worldwide.  The increased awareness is not unconnected with the growing research interest and the product’s potential health benefits. Those trying to buy this product for the first time might be overwhelmed by its sheer quantity.  The market comprises several CBD products; someone who does not know anything […]

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Amazon invites select CBD makers to participate in UK pilot program
Online retail giant Amazon has launched a pilot program allowing the sale of select CBD ingestibles on its UK website. The company says “sellers participating in a limited, invite-only pilot” on the UK site are exempt from its sales ban on edible products containing CBD or other cannabinoids. “This... Read more
How to Involve CBD in Your Wellness Routine

While concern for health and wellness has significantly increased, CBD can be a game changer to improving your daily life; here is how…

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Rapinoe among athletes touting CBD’s benefits for pain
October 9, 2020 by AggregatedNews Leave a Comment PORTLAND, Ore. — Long before she struck that iconic victory pose to become the face of women’s soccer, Megan Rapinoe endured her share of setbacks to play the game she loves: Notably, a series of knee surgeries stretching back to her... Read more

As hemp has grown in popularity among experienced farmers and novices alike, hemp experts have developed a few tips to get the most out of a harvest.

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Brazilian CBD Import Market Ripe for Opportunity but Relatively Unknown
The global expansion of the CBD industry is still in full force. New opportunities abound in various countries and regions of the world as widespread mainstream acceptance turns to commercial and medical potential. This is obviously exciting for both those producing CBD products and the public who demands more... Read more
Anticipating the Holiday Season for Cannabis
Taking a page from the e-commerce giant Alibaba, which runs massive sales annually on November 11 (or 11.11) for the unofficial Chinese shopping holiday Singles’ Day, the rewards app Shopkick recently announced a new “10.10 Shopping Festival”. Consumers buying from direct-to-consumer and retail brands through the Shopkick app collect... Read more

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