BRN maintains interest in Green Growth’s CBD business, but transaction likely stalled
The BRN Group, a New York-based branding company, says it is still interested in buying the CBD business of Green Growth Brands, an Ohio-based retailer that announced plans in late February to sell most of its interest in a line of mall kiosks selling hemp-derived CBD products. However, the... Read more
Coronavirus lockdown: Bay Area counties, cities differ on whether cannabis dispensaries are ‘essential’ businesses

By Sonia Waraich | swaraich@times-standard.com | Cannabis is flying off the shelves at local dispensaries as people prepare to stay at home for the next few weeks. Half a dozen dispensaries reported seeing a surge in customers over the past week as they shifted their business operations to limit contact with customers. “It’s kind of what’s going on in […]

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CBD and Hemp represent two very large submarkets within marijuana stocks. Although…

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En días estresantes, es difícil conseguir una buena noche de sueño, lo que lleva a muchos a reflexionar sobre lo siguiente. Marihuana vs melatonina: ¿Cuál de estos remedios te ayudará a dormir durante toda la noche? Una buena noche de sueño es una parte clave de un estilo de... Read more
Reading the Tea Leaves: Looking at the History of Hemp and CBD to Predict the Future
By Justin Walsh It’s an exciting time to be in hemp and CBD! I have attended and spoken at several conferences over the last year. I have been in places as diverse as Seattle, Denver, Dallas, and Orlando. The products I have seen have made me excited for the... Read more
CBD may play a role in treating canine coronavirus

CBD may not in itself offer a cure for the devastating coronavirus in humans, but it may play a larger role in treating canine coronavirus, experts say. The interplay between coronavirus in animals — such as fowl, dogs, pigs and cows — and humans is still being studied and may have played a role in […]

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Simple Guide to Hemp vs Marijuana

Hemp and marijuana are both derived from the cannabis Sativa family. While they do share certain similarities, due to each plant’s biological structure, they have several very distinct and crucial differences.

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Cannabis giant Curaleaf to acquire Colorado edibles maker BlueKudu
A Denver-based edibles manufacturer is being scooped up by a multi-state marijuana company in one of the year’s first local business acquisitions. Courtesy Blue KuduCannabis giant Curaleaf is set to acquire BlueKudu, the Denver-based maker of edible marijuana products, including these infused gummies Cannabis giant Curaleaf is set to... Read more
Update on Class Action Suits Stemming From FDA Stance on CBD and Prop 65
As we have discussed in a past blog, the threat of litigation for CBD manufacturers remains a high concern as long as FDA does not establish a clear legal pathway for CBD.   CBD manufacturers now operate in a gray area when producing and marketing ingestible CBD products, including food... Read more
Committee Blog: Cannabis Banking – Regulatory Outlook and Effective Compliance
by Angela Lucas, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Sterling Compliance, LLCMember of NCIA’s Banking & Financial Services Committee During a recent webinar, we polled the audience on their current positions on offering financial services – traditional financial services – to direct marijuana-related businesses (MRBs). The results, as you might imagine,... Read more

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