Colorado’s March marijuana revenue highest of 2022, but still down from last year
Colorado saw an increase in its marijuana sales from February to March, but the figure is still lower than March 2021, causing concern for some in the industry. The marijuana industry brought in $162.5 million in revenue in March, $17.2 million, or about 12%, more than February. But this... Read more
Marijuana and Hemp Industries Strike Tentative Deal Over Delta-8 THC, Modified Cannabinoids
This state’s hemp and marijuana businesses want Colorado to create a task force to smooth a rift between the two industries. Although both are cannabis plants, hemp and marijuana differ in one key way: THC. If a hemp plant’s flowers or a final hemp product tests above 0.3 percent... Read more
Prosecutors in Perugia, Italy are now trying to decide how to charge both owners and managers in a horrific industrial accident that killed two people and seriously injured two others. The incident occurred when a “laboratory,” which was set up to create “Cannabis Lite” from high THC cannabis, exploded.... Read more
Four towns just said no to marijuana sales, but how strong is rural Colorado’s distaste for weed?
Charlie Williams doesn’t believe there should be stores selling pot in his tiny town deep in the San Luis Valley. The 67-year-old pastor isn’t alone. Two dozen of his fellow residents joined him last month in successfully turning down — 25 to 18 — a measure that would have... Read more
Attorney generals from across the U.S. agreed to officially recognize the launch of The Public Health & Safety Cannabis Financial Service Certification, which was announced at the Attorney General Alliance’s (AGA) Cannabis Project Conference in Denver, Colorado on April 20-21. The certification serves as a way to assist both “law... Read more
Retail marijuana sales declining in Colorado
Colorado’s marijuana industry says it is seeing a “troubling trend” as retail sales decline for the second month in a row and medical cannabis sales dip to their lowest level on record. The Colorado Department of Revenue keeps a monthly analysis of medical, recreational and total marijuana sales dating... Read more
As a Decade of Legalization Approaches, a Look Back at Colorado’s Marijuana Connection
Has it been almost ten years? The sky hasn’t fallen, and Taco Bell hasn’t yet won the fast-food wars. November 2022 will mark a decade since Colorado voters officially legalized recreational pot sales, yet our state’s relationship with cannabis has grown in dog years, going from a Wild West... Read more
Video: NCIA Today – Thursday, April 7, 2022
NCIA Deputy Director of Communications Bethany Moore checks in with what’s going on across the country with the National Cannabis Industry Association’s membership, board, allies, and staff. Join us every other Thursday on Facebook for NCIA Today Live. This episode of NCIA Today is brought to you by... Read more
Colorado Senate Rejects Attempt to Tighten Marijuana Industry Supervision
A Colorado Senate committee has rejected a bill that would have increased supervision of commercial marijuana businesses. Senate Bill 149 would have created new reporting requirements for such marijuana business violations as sales to underage minors, contaminated product recalls and black market activity; it also called for increased dispensary inspections... Read more
DABBING, BLUNT, BONGWTR, MRY JANE — These are just some of the novelty license plates being auctioned off by the state of Colorado as part off a benefit for a state-run program designed to help the disabled community.  The auction, which launched on Friday, will offer the rights for... Read more

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