For Colorado’s six-year-old legal marijuana industry, 2019 was a new high. Cannabis dispensaries in the state sold more than $1.74 billion worth of marijuana products, a record total. The staggering findings were released by the Colorado Department of Revenue, and first reported by Westword. The $1.74 billion figure represents... Read more
It’s quite the conundrum in our ad-heavy society, keeping kids away from certain commercial messaging. In many states, cannabis companies are particularly censored in this regard. Colorado is one of them. In the first state to legalize recreational cannabis, such companies are banned from TV, radio, and print ads... Read more
The Four Basic Labeling Requirements for CBD Products

Last week, I attended Portland’s Hemp CBD Connex, an annual event that highlights the vast potential of hemp and CBD. Of interest to me–because my practice focuses on the regulatory framework of CBD products–was a panel entitled “Weeding Through the CBD Jungle: How to Grow, Run and Be Successful.” This panel was led by two…

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If you’re looking to deepen your understanding of the cannabis plant, you might start looking at a move to Pueblo, Colorado. On Friday, the town’s Colorado State University campus got the state government’s go-ahead for a cannabis chemistry bachelor’s degree program. It makes sense that such a program would... Read more
Committee Blog: Interstate Cannabis Commerce Will Benefit Public Safety, Consumer Choice, and Patient Access
By Sean Donahoe, Founder and CEO, Sungrown Developments Inc.Member of NCIA’s State Regulations Committee In Northern California’s legendary cannabis growing region of Mendocino, the elected county sheriff was recently a competitor at a homebrew festival, jovially pouring samples of his “Pretty Sour Powerful Sider” (jokingly referring to the “Public... Read more
Polis Administration Unveils  ‘Roadmap to Cannabis Banking & Financial Services’ 
PRESS RELEASE ARVADA – Governor Jared Polis and the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) released a bold roadmap to provide clarity and guidance for state-chartered financial services industries that serve or seek to serve legal cannabis-related businesses. Gov. Polis was joined by DORA’s Executive Director Patty Salazar, Congressman... Read more
Colorado Launches Array of Marijuana Banking Efforts
After over six years of limited movement at the state level and with Congress currently stalled, Colorado lawmakers and other officials have launched several campaigns to provide more guidance and protection for financial intuitions that provide services to the state’s legal marijuana industry. Although currently legal in Colorado and... Read more
What is social equity in Colorado’s cannabis industry? Regulators look to level the playing field for marginalized communities
With about 40 states expected to allow some form of legalization by the end of December, 2020 is poised to be a breakout year for cannabis. But as the movement toward normalization gains steam across the United States, legislators and activists are adding a moral provision to the burgeoning marijuana industry:... Read more
Denver dispensary burglaries hit a 3-year high in 2019
Police are investigating a string of armed robberies of metro-area dispensaries in December as the number of break-ins at Denver marijuana businesses hit a three-year high in 2019. Dispensaries in the city reported five robberies and 122 burglaries last year, according to the Denver Police Department. Both offenses increased... Read more
Two lawmakers in Colorado are pushing for passage of a law that would protect employees in the state from being fired for their use of pot off the job. The measure, House Bill 20-1089, was introduced by Democratic Rep. Jevon Melton of Aurora. If passed, the bill would prohibit... Read more

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