The presidents of Colombia and Mexico announced that they will be bringing together other Latin American leaders for an international conference focused on on “redesigning and rethinking drug policy” given the “failure” of prohibition. As lawmakers in both countries work to advance marijuana legalization, Colombian President Gustavo Petro and... Read more
Texas officials in several cities have moved to overturn or undercut local marijuana decriminalization ordinances that voters overwhelmingly approved at the ballot this month—but activists aren’t going down without a fight. Five cities passed the decriminalization ballot measures with strong margins on November 8, but city councils and officials... Read more
Young people are now more than twice as likely to report smoking marijuana compared to cigarettes, according to a new analysis of survey data from Gallup. Past-week cigarette smoking by adults 18-29 declined from 15 percent in 2016-2018 to a new low of 12 percent in 2019-2022. Via Gallup.... Read more
Idaho activists have begun collecting signatures for a medical marijuana legalization initiative that they hope to place on the state’s 2024 ballot. The Kind Idaho campaign officially launched in August, with advocates filing the required paperwork with the state to start the signature drive. After getting sign-off on their... Read more
ID 2024 medical marijuana push; Feds outline psychedelic research priorities; SD hunting licenses for medical cannabis patients Subscribe to receive Marijuana Moment’s newsletter in your inbox every weekday morning. It’s the best way to make sure you know which cannabis stories are shaping the day. Your support makes Marijuana Moment... Read more
In a new report, congressional researchers highlighted the “uncertainty” of the federal government’s position on safe drug consumption sites, while pointing out that lawmakers could temporarily resolve the issue by advancing an amendment modeled after the one that has allowed medical marijuana laws to be implemented without Justice Department... Read more
An Irish lawmaker has filed a bill to legalize marijuana possession nationwide for adults 18 and older—but a top government official has already raised concerns about the reform proposal. People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny introduced the long-anticipated legislation on Thursday. It would legalize possession of up to seven... Read more
An Iowa regulatory board has voted to recommend that the legislature create a legal task force to explore seeking an exemption protecting the state’s limited medical cannabis program from federal interference. At a meeting of the Iowa Medical Cannabidiol Board last week, activist Carl Olsen proposed the task force,... Read more
Nevada marijuana regulators announced on Wednesday that they will be holding lotteries at the end of the month to select 20 independent cannabis consumption lounge licensees, half of which will be reserved for social equity applicants. The state Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) said it will conduct “two drawings via... Read more
A new study funded by a top federal drug agency has found that state-level marijuana legalization is not associated with increased youth cannabis use. The research article, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine this month, looked at data from three longitudinal studies on past-year cannabis consumption and... Read more

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