Forgive my tardiness, but these recent drops have had me moving in slow motion lately! While there was a moment there where it looked like things may be getting back to normal, we haven’t gotten that lucky yet, so here we are again with another Cop List to keep... Read more
Colombian President Ivan Duque signed a decree on July 23, lifting a prohibition on exporting dried cannabis flower—and investors abroad are taking notice.  “Colombia starts to play big, and with this decree we are putting ourselves at the forefront in terms of regulatory competitiveness, at least in Latin America... Read more
Director, actor and producer Colin Hanks is joining forces with Jushi Holdings Inc. to launch his handkerchief line Hanks Kerchiefs in select BEYOND / HELLO dispensaries—providing assistance to injured veterans at the same time, through a portion of proceeds. The kerchiefs can be found at BEYOND / HELLO retail... Read more
Congress will be voting on a proposal that would protect currently existing cannabis programs across the U.S. A proposed, bipartisan amendment from the House Rules Committee was presented on July 28. If passed, it would create protections for existing state cannabis programs, as well as any tribal medical cannabis... Read more
Tilray, Inc. Reports 2021 Fiscal Year and Fourth Quarter Results Net Revenue Increased 27% to $513 Million Compared to Prior Year Net Income of $33.6 Million, Adjusted EBITDA of $12.3 Million, Net Cash from Operating Activities of $8.3 Million and Positive Free Cash Flow of $3.3 Million in Q4... Read more
GrowGeneration Signs Asset Purchase Agreement to Acquire Nation’s Third-Largest Chain of Hydroponic Garden Centers HGS Hydro to Join GrowGen’s Portfolio, Expands Company’s Footprint in Michigan DENVER, July 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — GrowGeneration Corp. (NASDAQ: GRWG), (“GrowGen” or the “Company”) the nation’s largest chain of specialty hydroponic and organic garden... Read more
Part of Barcelona’s charming appeal is its concentration of hundreds of cannabis clubs—known locally as asociaciónes—but that could come crashing to an end in the city’s latest setback. The Supreme Court dealt another blow to the legal loophole that allowed around 200 local clubs to continue operation. They are... Read more
New Mexico could be in trouble when it comes to cannabis availability. In a recent hearing, experts stated that New Mexico will likely run out of recreational cannabis product within the first week of when sales go live. Linda Trujillo, Superintendent of the Regulation and Licensing Department, spoke with... Read more
Immersive entertainment is the new thing in New York, and now it is coming to the city in the form of a cannabis pop-up.  This pop-up, known as The Stone Age, is the first-ever immersive cannabis pop-up in NYC, and it is a “multi-sensory cannabis experience.” The space will... Read more
Exclusive Interview with Lowell Farms CEO Mark Ainsworth Lowell Farms Chairman George Allen spoke with New Cannabis Ventures back in December 2020 when the company was Indus Holdings. Since then, the company has acquired Lowell Herb Co. and adopted the name Lowell Farms (CSE: LOWL) (OTCQX: LOWLF). The deal... Read more

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