At least 34 cannabis plants were removed from a flower bed at the Vermont State House last week after a visitor to the state capitol in Montpelier reported their presence to law enforcement. Capitol Police Chief Matt Romei said, after the plants were discovered, that he was unsure if... Read more
Conversations about the effects of legalizing cannabis frequently focus on a few key issues: economic opportunity, social justice, the potential for new medical treatments, and other health benefits. What’s less talked about, however, is how cannabis legalization impacts the environment. Researchers have long documented the ways unchecked outdoor cannabis... Read more
There continues to be some large gaps in justice when it comes to the state by state cannabis legalization movement. Among them is a key question; What happens to those individuals with cannabis offenses that took place before the laws changed? Believe it or not, many of them aren’t... Read more
On Monday, New Jersey’s Department of Health announced plans to accept applications for individuals and entities interested in opening operational and cultivation facilities. The agency said that it is seeking applicants to operate as many as 24 Alternative Treatment Centers, with the aim to place eight in the northern... Read more
Cannabis treatment counters addiction: First study of its kind
An Australian study has demonstrated that cannabis-based medication helps tackle dependency on cannabis, one of the most widely used drugs globally.A paper about the University of Sydney and NSW Health clinical trial provides the first strong evidence that so-called cannabinoid agonist medication -- which targets receptors in the brain --... Read more
Washington Gov. Inslee to pardon thousands convicted of marijuana possession

“We should not be punishing people for something that is no longer illegal,” Gov. Inslee said. Washington is one of the states that legalized pot.

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Mother Thanks Medicinal Cannabis: ‘I have my life back’

After 10 years of conventional medications left her bed-ridden, medicinal cannabis fully restored this mother’s life

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Sen. Cory Gardner tries to attach marijuana measure to criminal justice bill
Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colorado, made a move Monday toward changing federal marijuana law, including letting banks accept money from legal businesses.The Yuma Republican introduced an amendment to the First Step Act, a criminal justice reform bill that’s expected to pass the Senate this week with bipartisan support.Gardner’s amendment would amend the Controlled... Read more
Denver’s new program to erase low-level marijuana convictions launches Saturday
Starting Saturday, thousands of Denverites who were convicted of low-level marijuana offenses prior to legalization can begin the process to get those wiped off their record.The “Turn Over a New Leaf Program,” announced last month by Mayor Michael Hancock and District Attorney Beth McCann, is part of a wider effort to... Read more
Hemp farmers searching for flower-storage solutions
(Photo courtesy of Hemptown) (This is an abridged version of a story that appears in the July issue of Marijuana Business Magazine. On Wednesday, read about strategies for storing hemp fiber and grain.) Storing hemp properly is arguably as important as planting, harvesting or any other step in the cultivation... Read more

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