Marijuana News Today: Pot Stock Market Rebounds After Weak Monday Litzgus Marijuana News Today The marijuana news today sees smiles returning to our faces as the industry stages a rally after a particularly weak Monday that saw many pot stocks decline. On the news side of things, however, we also have bright news coming out of the Canadian... Read more
This $2.37 Pot Stock Is Entering a Giant New Market Will This Low-Priced Pot Stock See Massive Upside Ahead? If you’ve been following the cannabis industry, you’ll know that most companies are telling a growth story. While some tales are more exciting than others, it remains to be seen whether these cannabis companies can reach their full potential.... Read more
The state of Florida legalized medical cannabis for serious conditions in 2016. But in 2015, Florida lawyer Ian Christensen was already telling clients that marijuana was legal. Christensen advised clients that it was okay to grow their own marijuana, so long as it was for a medical reason. And... Read more
A public health official issued a warning about the dangers of unlicensed cannabis products following the hospitalization of seven Californians who fell ill after vaping. In a notice released last week, Dr. Milton Teske, health officer with the Kings County Department of Public Health, said that those stricken had... Read more
Northern California’s South Bay now has its first cannabis union. Representatives from the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) announced on Friday at San Jose City Hall that workers at the town’s MedMen dispensary location would organize. Employees at the dispensary will enjoy wages that come in at $3... Read more
How many people are using cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and marijuana in the United States? How much are they using? And how much are they spending? These are a few of the research questions addressed by a new RAND Corporation report on trends in the U.S. markets for several illicit... Read more
The Board of Directors of Little Rock, Arkansas plan to vote on Tuesday on making marijuana offenses in the city a low priority for law enforcement. Under a proposed ordinance from City Director Ken Richardson of Ward 2, misdemeanor marijuana crimes would become the lowest law enforcement priority for... Read more
Ontario Government Continues To Bungle Cannabis Legalization

Ontario’s provincial government has been a consistent failure in legalizing cannabis. Here are some more issues.

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Canopy Growth Receives Key Cannabis Extraction Licence

With its KeyLeaf extraction license, Canopy Growth is about to become Canada’s leader in cannabis extraction capacity

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Legal Marijuana Dramatically Reduces U.S. Opioid Deaths: Two New Studies

Legalizing medicinal cannabis reduces opioid deaths. Legalizing adult use cannabis DRAMATICALLY reduces opioid deaths.

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