Marijuana often demonstrates the ability to win over even the most conservative of individuals. That said, winning over the hearts and minds of America’s vast regions isn’t complete until cannabis endears itself to the nation’s most conservative citizens and lawmakers in the southeast.  Recent activity indicates that it may... Read more

 Will Next Month Produce Gains For These Marijuana Stocks The month of…

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Even though Virginia has decriminalized cannabis as of first thing next month, the state’s Black caucus would like to see things move to full legalization. Their plan is to try and push that through in a special legislative session this summer.  “The Commonwealth is past the point for studies... Read more
Seven out of ten Americans believe that smoking marijuana is morally acceptable, according to a poll that tracks values and beliefs in the United States. Results of the poll that surveys American’s views on the moral acceptability of 21 different social issues were released this week by Gallup. When... Read more
Regulators in the United Kingdom have rescheduled the cannabidiol drug Epidyolex as a Schedule 5 drug, moving the medicine approved to treat severe forms of epilepsy from the much more restrictive Schedule 2 classification. GW Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of the medication, announced on Tuesday that the move by the... Read more
Dr. Lester Grinspoon, one of the most vocal champions of marijuana legalization in the United States who promoted his advocacy in both best-selling books and Congressional testimony, died on Thursday. He was 92.  A native of Massachusetts, Grinspoon studied at Harvard Medical School, and later joined the faculty there... Read more

Can These Pot Stocks Show Value In The Coming Months? When we…

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Women tend to feel the same psychoactive effects of cannabis as men with a lower dose of THC, according to a study by Canadian researchers. A report on the study, “Sex differences in the acute effects of smoked cannabis: evidence from a human laboratory study of young adults,“ was... Read more
The enigma known only as Banksy officially re-entered the world of cannabis with a new permanent installation in a Toronto, Ontario-based dispensary. The unofficial king of guerrilla art—in the form of graffiti—left a breadcrumb trail of mystery throughout Europe and across the world through stark political messages and epigrams.... Read more

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