You Can Get A Master’s In Medical Cannabis In Maryland
Summer Kriegshauser is one of 150 students in the inaugural class of the University of Maryland, Baltimore’s Master of Science in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics, the first graduate program of its type in the country. This will be Kriegshauser’s second master’s degree and she hopes it will offer her... Read more
Retired general, politician among Missouri’s applicants for multiple marijuana businesses
You are here: Home / Policy & Legal / Missouri / Retired general, politician among Missouri’s applicants for multiple marijuana businesses November 11, 2019 by AggregatedNews Leave a Comment A former Missouri National Guard adjutant general with an extensive career in state politics seeks to open what would be... Read more
Yale, Connecticut pot grower to conduct ‘groundbreaking’ medical marijuana study
The Yale University School Of Medicine is teaming with a Portland-based medical marijuana grower to conduct the first state-approved study of medical marijuana’s impact on stress and mental health. Yale and CT Pharmaceutical Solutions Inc. (CTPharma) on Friday announced they will conduct a phase-one study on the impact of... Read more
Federal Antitrust Scrutiny and (Certain) Cannabis Deals

If you follow state-by-state legal cannabis legalization, you’re aware that despite the federal illegality of cannabis, certain federal agencies police the cannabis industry like they do any other legal industry. For example, the NLRB has been known to go after cannabis companies engaged in hostile workplace conduct and the Department of Treasury contemplates banking services to…

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Missouri may not let legal marijuana companies pay taxes in cash. That could be a problem.
Late Monday, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services issued a proposed rule governing the way licensed medical marijuana facilities should pay taxes and other money owed to state government. The rule says that state-licensed companies that handle cannabis — for example, dispensaries or growing outfits — will be required... Read more
State regulators in Arizona will begin issuing identification cards in digital form next month, according to a report from cannabis industry website Beginning December 1, the new digital marijuana identification cards will replace the physical cards currently being issued through the mail by the Arizona Department of Health... Read more
High cost of medical marijuana limits access for Louisiana patients
When medical marijuana became available for sale on Aug. 6 in Louisiana, Jessica Potts, 36, was eager to sign up for the program. When she was 21 she was diagnosed with a degenerative condition called multiple sclerosis, where the immune system attacks the central nervous system, causing pain and muscle spasticity... Read more
Iowa medical marijuana board backs THC purchase limit, PTSD as qualifying condition
 The state medical board regulating Iowa’s medical marijuana program submitted a proposal asking state legislators to remove the cap on THC in products in favor of a purchase limit. That move illustrates the hesitation among board members to expand the program without further knowledge of its potential impact. Members... Read more
Iowa medical marijuana board to consider PTSD, Alzheimer’s as treatable conditions
The Iowa Medical Cannabidiol Board will consider changes to the state’s medical marijuana program this week, which include the addition of more qualifying conditions and a recommendation to remove the 3 percent THC cap and replace it with a purchase limit. The board will meet on Friday to vote on petitions that would... Read more
Curaleaf Offers NY’s First Flower-Based Medical Marijuana Product
A dispensary in the Hudson Valley is offering patients a new form of medical marijuana — the first raw cannabis product to be offered in New York. Dr. Stacia Woodcock is assistant director of operations at Curaleaf New York. “This is the first actual flower-based medical cannabis product available... Read more

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