November marijuana sales push Colorado’s industry to $2 billion annually for the first time
Colorado marijuana sales in November pushed the industry’s annual revenue to $2 billion for the first time. In November, dispensaries sold $175.1 million worth of products, according to figures released by the Department of Revenue on Tuesday. Recreational sales accounted for about $140.5 million, while medical sales accounted for nearly... Read more
Are These The Best Marijuana Penny Stock To Buy Under $2?
North Dakota medical marijuana program proving popular
January 11, 2021 by AggregatedNews Leave a Comment More North Dakotans are participating in the medical marijuana program than the state Department of Health expected. “We have just under 4,400 patients that have a medical marijuana card,” Medical Marijuana Division Director Jason Wahl told Prairie Public. He had earlier projected... Read more
Study Suggests Use of Medical Marijuana Might Lead To Multiple Withdrawal Symptoms
The medical marijuana movement has been blowing up all around the world. Both ancient and modern studies have cited it as a cure for all sorts of ailments ranging from chronic pain to even leprosy (in the ancient Indian science of ayurveda too, of all places). But recent research shines a light on the... Read more
Medical marijuana proposals eyed in Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina
State legislators in Alabama, Kentucky and South Carolina have filed or pre-filed bills establishing such medical marijuana programs, according to a Reckon South report. These states would join Mississippi, the latest state to adopt a medical cannabis program, making it the 35th state to legalize medical cannabis. In Alabama, state Sen. Tim Melson plans to file a... Read more
Texas’ Medical Marijuana Program Is One Of The Most Restrictive In The Country. Advocates Hope The Legislature Will Change That.
Five years after Texas legalized medical marijuana for people with debilitating illnesses, advocates and industry experts say the state’s strict rules, red tape, and burdensome barriers to entry have left the program largely inaccessible to those it was intended to help. But with a new legislative session gaveling in... Read more
Nebraska voters would decide whether to legalize marijuana under proposed constitutional amendment
You are here: Home / Policy & Legal / Nebraska / Nebraska voters would decide whether to legalize marijuana under proposed constitutional amendment January 8, 2021 by AggregatedNews Leave a Comment Nebraska voters would be asked to legalize marijuana for all Nebraskans 21 and older under a proposed constitutional... Read more
Looking For Medical And CBD Cannabis Stocks? 2 Marijuana Stocks To Watch Right Now
NEW Government figures show a 900% increase in the number of cannabis medicines notified for import demonstrating the private sector’s growing role in fulfilling UK demand. Between March 1, and October 1, this year, the number of packs of unlicensed CBPMs (cannabis-based products for medicinal use) notified for import... Read more
Who will win the lottery to run Rhode Island’s six new medical marijuana dispensaries?
PROVIDENCE — David Spradin is the CEO of a California-based marijuana company called Perfect Union. It has 14 marijuana stores between Los Angeles and Sacramento, six stores in New Mexico and has had stores in Oregon and Washington, says Rick McAuliffe, a Rhode Island lobbyist who now also serves as... Read more

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