Group forms to help give equal access to Connecticut’s new cannabis market
A new association has been formed to ensure Black and other under represented communities will have an opportunity to participate in Connecticut’s new legalized recreational marijuana industry, as state legislators had promised. The Alliance for Cannabis Equity, or ACE, created by two local workforce and economic development organizations, will... Read more
More medical marijuana? Ohio lawmaker says it’s time to expand uses
Senate Bill 261 received a first hearing last week before the Senate Small Business & Economic Opportunity Committee, which state Sen. Steve Huffman, R-Tipp City, described as a follow-up to House Bill 523; he sponsored that bill in 2016 to legalize medical marijuana. “As might be expected, after five... Read more
CNN announced on November 22 that it would be airing the sixth installment of its cannabis series, WEED 6: Cannabis and Autism, which explores the benefits between medical cannabis and symptoms of patients with autism in its debut this weekend.  Featuring CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta, this segment... Read more
Pennsylvania Health Department orders second approval for vaporized cannabis: report
When the largest-ever Michigan marijuana recall was issued on Wednesday, Nov. 17, Matt Imig’s phone began ringing. Customers were calling. Imig, who owns M&M Agriculture, a comparably small, 1,000-plant licensed marijuana grow facility in Lansing, uses Viridis Laboratories, the target of the recall, for all of his mandated safety... Read more
New draft rules released last week by regulators in Alabama offer a glimpse of how and when physicians in the state may recommend medical cannabis under the new law.  The Alabama State Board of Medical Examiners offered up the rules on Thursday for public comment, saying they were “developed... Read more
Cannabis bust on Indigenous land highlights legal divide
SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — A federal raid on a household marijuana garden on tribal land in northern New Mexico is sowing uncertainty and resentment about U.S. drug enforcement priorities on Native American reservations, as more states roll out legal marketplaces for recreational pot sales. In late September, Bureau... Read more
Where will South Dakota’s marijuana come from?
The Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe’s Native Nations Cannabis medical marijuana dispensary has been operating in Flandreau since July. While it’s currently the only operating dispensary in the state, that is set to change. The City of Sioux Falls carried out their dispensary license lottery on Wednesday, selecting five applicants.... Read more
A pair of Pennsylvania lawmakers—one a Democrat, the other a Republican—joined forces this week to put their support behind a bill that would permit medical cannabis patients in the state to cultivate their own cannabis plants at home. State Sens. Sharif Street, a Democrat, and Dan Laughlin, a Republican,... Read more
A series of bills currently under consideration in the Michigan legislature would yield enormous changes to medical cannabis caregivers in the state. The proposals have touched a nerve with advocates and medical cannabis customers in the Wolverine State, some of whom are reportedly “boycotting the major cannabis producers that... Read more
Medical marijuana sales in Arkansas near 67,000 pounds through October
Almost 67,000 pounds – roughly the weight of two F-35 fighter jets – of medical marijuana have been sold in Arkansas since May 2019, with the state collecting just under $45 million in taxes on the sales. Licensed dispensaries in the state have sold 66,994 pounds of medical marijuana... Read more

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