With moves by neighboring states, will Iowa change its marijuana laws?
While Republican majorities in Iowa’s Legislature are unlikely this session to mimic moves made in surrounding states easing restrictions on the possession and use of cannabis, supporters pushing for reforms in Iowa see growing support. Brad Knott is president of the Campaign for Sensible Cannabis Laws. He launched the campaign... Read more
Most Texans support legalizing marijuana for medical use, poll finds
The overwhelming majority of Texans’ support relaxing the state’s current restrictions on marijuana for both medical and recreational use, a new study found. According to the survey from the Hobby School of Public Affairs at the University of Houston, 82% of Texans support legalizing marijuana for medical use. A... Read more
Recreational marijuana sales will begin on Friday in Missouri
The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services emailed dispensaries across the state Thursday afternoon to announce it will award comprehensive licenses on Friday, the last step before dispensaries can sell adult-use marijuana. “In order to ensure all systems and processes are working as planned ahead of the February... Read more
Pa. bill would loosen rules on prescribing medical marijuana
Two lawmakers have announced plans for legislation that would strip the state’s Medical Marijuana Advisory Board of one of its main functions – determining what serious medical conditions entitle patients to legally use marijuana products. Under the proposal, patients would be entitled to use marijuana for any medical condition... Read more
A few Mississippi dispensaries were ready to open to customers on Jan. 25. Mississippi Trade Association Executive Director Melvin C. Robinson stood outside one of the state’s licensed dispensaries, The Cannabis Company, to welcome customers. “It’s a very exciting day today. History has been made in Brookhaven,” Robinson said.... Read more
Georgia sets rules for selling, manufacturing cannabis in the state
The state commission in charge of Georgia’s medical marijuana program adopted rules Wednesday for the manufacture and sale of low-THC cannabis oil to patients suffering from a variety of diseases. “We’re all proud to have some rules in place,” Sid Johnson, chairman of the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis... Read more
Bill would give Ohio drivers caught with marijuana in their system a break on OVIs
Ohioans who get caught driving with marijuana in their system could try to prove they weren’t impaired under a bill introduced in the state Senate this week. Senate Bill 26, proposed by Sen. Nathan Manning, R-North Ridgeville, would give people the chance to stave off an OVI by arguing... Read more
Legalizing medical marijuana is first bill filed in NC Senate
Sen. Bill Rabon, R-Brunswick, has filed the NC Compassionate Care Act (S. B. 3), a bill that legalizes medical marijuana. It was the first bill filed in North Carolina’s state Senate on Wednesday, the first day of bill filing. Sens. Michael Lee, R-New Hanover, and Paul Lowe, D-Forsyth are also... Read more
‘The state threw them to the wolves’: Health department struggles to manage massive medical marijuana program
Behind closed doors, Mississippi’s eight-person medical cannabis office is struggling against its workload. The Health Department office charged by the Legislature with running Mississippi’s new medical marijuana program is steeped in disorganization: agents rarely visit cultivation sites, application backlogs reach hundreds deep, and lags in communication with licensees often... Read more
Georgia commission might vote this week on medical cannabis rules
Georgia’s long-delayed medical marijuana program is about to take off, despite a spate of unresolved lawsuits from companies that lost out in the bidding for licenses. The Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission is expected to vote Wednesday on rules governing all aspects of the program from growing the... Read more

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