Recreational Marijuana Amendment Sparks Support in Rural Missouri
In 2019 Brooke Foster learned her son was changing his undergraduate major and abandoning his pre-medicine track. His new plan: cannabis. Foster, who owned and operated her family’s chain of local grocery stores in rural, northern Missouri, was shocked. She knew little about medical marijuana and, as many do,... Read more
Colorado medical marijuana sales spiral down as industry suffers
Julie Richardson moved to Colorado from Louisiana in 2015, specifically to get the quality of cannabis-derived medicines obtainable here — but which were unavailable or too expensive back home. Now, Richardson, who suffered a spinal injury when she was 6 months old and who has gone through repeated reconstructive surgeries... Read more
Who will dispense medical marijuana in Alabama and what will they need to know?
The qualifications of the dispensers who will manage the sales of medical marijuana products in Alabama are still to be determined for the state’s new industry. In some states, pharmacists dispense medical cannabis products. It’s unclear whether that will be the case in Alabama. Nothing in the law or... Read more
Top Medical Marijuana Stocks To Buy? 2 Big Pharma Plays In Cannabis
Mississippi nears $6M in revenue off medical marijuana licenses, fees
With the medical marijuana program still in its infancy in Mississippi, the state is already raking in revenue. Through Monday, the state has culled nearly $6 million in license and one-time application fees from dispensaries, cultivators, transportation companies, processors, and testing operations in the state, according to information posted on the... Read more
LivWell to be Colorado cannabis giant after powerhouse PharmaCann plans to buy boutique chain
Related Articles Cannabis retailer LivWell Enlightened Health is set to dominate the Colorado market with 26 dispensaries after PharmaCann announced its plan to buy The Clinic, a boutique dispensary chain in the Centennial State. LivWell is a cannabis brand owned by PharmaCann — one of the biggest privately-held, vertically... Read more
Colorado’s medical marijuana sales hit lowest point since legalization
Related Articles Colorado’s medical marijuana sales fell to their lowest point since retail sales began — the latest signal that the state’s once-robust industry is facing headwinds as others crowd the U.S. market and new regulations take hold. In July, the state’s marijuana sales for both recreational and medical... Read more
Recreational weed proponent casts doubt on poll showing reverse in fortune for ballot measure legalizing marijuana in South Dakota
Sure, he’s seen the poll, but he’s not sweating it. Matt Schweich, South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws’ campaign director, has serious doubts about a survey released on Aug. 24 that showed a ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana — again — was losing 54.5% to 43.8% (as illustrated... Read more
‘There’s a real attack on the industry’: Medical marijuana sales continue to drop in Colorado
Colorado’s Department of Revenue says medical marijuana sales are continuing to drop. Experts are worried about people with health conditions having access to the treatment they need. They say patients are paying more in taxes for similar products at recreational facilities. “This is the lowest they’ve been since the... Read more
Why weed companies can’t make any money
It’s not easy selling weed. The legal marijuana business is booming — revenues are projected to hit $32 billion this year, more than double what sales were just three years ago. They’re projected to double again in the next six years, propelled by the launch of big new recreational weed... Read more

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