Medical and Recreational Marijuana: An Overview of the Various Issues Involved in Starting and Operating Marijuana Dispensaries Part 4
This article is the fourth part of a six-part series discussing the legal issues, operational challenges, and regulatory hurdles that marijuana-related businesses (MRBs) frequently encounter. Part 1 discussed the various fire, health, and safety risks that MRBs encounter while growing and cultivating marijuana plants inside large, indoor, commercial spaces.... Read more
Real Estate Development in California: Join us February 26 in L.A.!

Developers of cannabis projects in California want to turn projects around as quickly and cheaply as possible, and are frequently frustrated by the amount of time, money, and effort required for the entitlement process. On Wednesday, February 26, a panel of real estate development experts will explain the entitlement process in California at a LACBA…

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Why cannabis sponsors the cleanup of more Colorado highway miles than any other industry
Cannabis companies are the leading sponsors of Colorado highways, accounting for cleanup on two-thirds of the roads maintained by Clean Colorado — a program the industry has leveraged as a loophole in the state’s strict limits on marijuana advertising. Currently, 51 cannabis dispensaries, cultivators, manufacturers and edible producers sponsor... Read more
Pot companies, developers taking sides in contentious Lakewood election
Lakewood’s municipal election is awash in developer and marijuana money — two issues that voters in Colorado’s fifth-largest city have already taken positions on at the ballot box. That has some wondering if it’s an attempt to pack the Lakewood City Council with members favorable to the cannabis industry... Read more
Receivership and Distressed Cannabis Assets in California

Succeeding in the cannabis industry is not easy, especially in California. Complex regulation, high taxes, expensive real estate, and competition with the black market are just a handful of factors that challenge cannabis businesses. The majority of players lack sufficient reserves and agility to stay in the game. Due to the substantial upfront costs required…

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Cannabis Real Estate Leases Part 2: Lease Audits and Lease Abstracts

In a cannabis business, like most other businesses, “location, location, location” means everything and dictates whether you have the optimal growing, manufacturing, processing, or retail location. Once you find your perfect location, having a great lease and understanding your lease are two crucial parts in solidifying this important business foundation. In this post, I share…

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California’s New Housing Laws and Cannabis in Residential Leasing

Recently, Governor Newsom signed 18 bills aimed to combat the housing crisis in California, including the Tenant Protection Act of 2019. The California Association of Realtors argues this new statewide rent control law will “impose onerous standards upon small property owners and, in turn, exacerbate the state’s housing crisis.” When I spoke at the California Association…

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Hemp is Driving Real Estate Action and It’s Not Just Farms

It’s common to see articles these days related to the positive economic impacts of hemp legalization. Most of these articles focus on job creation, opportunities for farmers, or opportunities for businesses chasing the CBD craze. One thing that has been interesting to me, though–and which seems to have attracted less attention–is the way that hemp…

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Member Blog: Borrowing for Cannabis – What You Need to Know 
by Cheryl Dearborne, Director of Marketing and Financial Services at Lilogy Now that cannabis is legal either medically or recreationally in 33 states, and hemp/CBD is federally legal, the cannabis industry is operating with high profit margins, and in order to scale and grow, cannabis companies require capital and... Read more
Data Proves Cannabis Dispensaries Increase Property Values
As more states approve medical cannabis and legalize recreational cannabis, the amount of data proving that cannabis dispensaries increase local property values continues to pile up. Numerous studies conducted by researchers, companies, and even real estate associations not only show that property values increase when dispensaries open nearby but... Read more

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