California’s New Housing Laws and Cannabis in Residential Leasing

Recently, Governor Newsom signed 18 bills aimed to combat the housing crisis in California, including the Tenant Protection Act of 2019. The California Association of Realtors argues this new statewide rent control law will “impose onerous standards upon small property owners and, in turn, exacerbate the state’s housing crisis.” When I spoke at the California Association…

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Hemp is Driving Real Estate Action and It’s Not Just Farms

It’s common to see articles these days related to the positive economic impacts of hemp legalization. Most of these articles focus on job creation, opportunities for farmers, or opportunities for businesses chasing the CBD craze. One thing that has been interesting to me, though–and which seems to have attracted less attention–is the way that hemp…

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Member Blog: Borrowing for Cannabis – What You Need to Know 
by Cheryl Dearborne, Director of Marketing and Financial Services at Lilogy Now that cannabis is legal either medically or recreationally in 33 states, and hemp/CBD is federally legal, the cannabis industry is operating with high profit margins, and in order to scale and grow, cannabis companies require capital and... Read more
Data Proves Cannabis Dispensaries Increase Property Values
As more states approve medical cannabis and legalize recreational cannabis, the amount of data proving that cannabis dispensaries increase local property values continues to pile up. Numerous studies conducted by researchers, companies, and even real estate associations not only show that property values increase when dispensaries open nearby but... Read more
Anatomy of a Cannabis Insurance Policy, Part 1: The Basics

Insurance in the cannabis industry is big business, and business owners need to know what policies are available and what those policies cover. Why? Because in insurance policies, like all other business contracts (e.g. leases), the risk of a business venture is divided between the contracting parties. Your insurance policies are contracts where you pay…

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Cannabis Real Estate Leases: The Roots of Your Cannabis Business, Part 1

Whether you are a landlord, tenant, or subtenant in the cannabis industry, you need a first-rate cannabis lease. The structure of the leasing relationship and the terms of the lease are key components, both for getting funds out of the primary business and mitigating your risks, of which there can be many. If you are…

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Evidence-Based Research Suggests Allowing Cannabis Storefront Retail Benefits Neighboring Property Values, Public Health and Safety

In 2016, California voters approved Prop 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, by nearly 2 million votes. In addition to legalizing adult use and possession of cannabis, the law creates a statewide regulatory regime for commercial cannabis activity, but also provides discretion to local jurisdictions to prohibit or restrict such businesses. Almost 18 months…

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California Proposed Williamson Act Changes Could Expand Availability of Cannabis and Hemp Farmland

California legislators have so far proposed more than 40 new cannabis laws for the 2019 session, ranging from cannabis tax reductions to banking reforms to party buses. But one bill stands out as a potentially important change to cannabis and hemp cultivation throughout the state: SB-527 would add language to a California law known as…

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Top Five Suggested Revisions to California Form Leases for Cannabis Tenants

I cringe every time a form lease comes across my desk for a California cannabis tenant. While C.A.R. and A.I.R. lease forms certainly have their advantages (brokers and veteran landlords are comfortable with them, and they can be cheap and efficient if the transaction is simple), because of the complexity involved in leasing to cannabis…

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Cannabis Real Estate Evolution: What you need to consider
By Jacques Santucci The cannabis industry is evolving rapidly and so is your view of the real-estate market From coast to coast, America’s real estate markets are facing considerable shifts due to the advent of the legal cannabis industry, prompting once derelict store fronts and industrial warehouses to skyrocket... Read more

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