Growing Recreational Pot At Home Not Allowed Under Illinois Legalization Proposal?

It would appear that the marijuana industry is expanding with an unstoppable force supported by the ever-increasing support of state legalization. The strong cannabis momentum might get an 11th state to legalize marijuana. Just a few weeks ago, there was a fallout regarding the legalization of cannabis in both New York and New Jersey. In […]

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The State of Illinois Awaits A Marijuana-Approved

There has been a major development towards the proposed bill of legalization regarding marijuana for recreational purposes in the State of Illinois. Gov. J. B. Pritzker addressed the public and the media at the Black United Fund in Illinois. Pritzker revealed that the main objective of this bill was to ensure that communities that disproportionately […]

The post The State of Illinois Awaits A Marijuana-Approved appeared first on Marijuana Stocks | Cannabis Investments and News. Roots of a Budding Industry.™.

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Pritzker, Dems introduce bill to legalize marijuana statewide

Gov. J.B. Pritzker Saturday announced the full details of the much-anticipated bill that would lift the statewide prohibition on marijuana and allow Illinois pot shops to start selling the drug legally by the start of the new year. The 300-page legislation would allow Illinoisans over 21 years old to... Read more
Target date to legally buy marijuana in Illinois is Jan. 1, but details of bill still hazy

Details of a bill to legalize adult recreational marijuana were not released in the General Assembly this past week despite earlier assurances, but one of the initiative’s primary sponsors said they will be forthcoming “very soon.” Chicago Democratic Rep. Kelly Cassidy said she hopes the bill would be approved... Read more
Illinois marijuana legalization proposal advances without public details

There are no details filed yet for a bill to legalize recreational adult-use marijuana in Illinois, but that did not stop the state Senate Executive Committee from voting on the measure Wednesday. As it stands now, Senate Bill 7 is what is referred to as a “shell bill,” or... Read more
Demand for legal marijuana in Illinois would far exceed licensed growers’ ability to supply it, study shows

Legal recreational marijuana in Illinois could drive demand as high as 550,000 pounds a year, far more than the state’s licensed growers can supply, according to a new study commissioned by state legislators. The study, performed by the Colorado consulting firm Freedman & Koski, lends support to those who argue that... Read more
Illinois Medical Cannabis Growers Lobby on License Issue

February 22, 2019 by Rob Meagher Leave a Comment Medical marijuana growers in Illinois have formed a political action committee and are spending money in an attempt to limit the market if recreational use of the drug is legalized in the state. CHICAGO (AP) — MEDICAL marijuana growers in... Read more
First bill emerges this year to legalize marijuana in Illinois — would allow up to 24 plants at home

A Democratic state lawmaker has filed a bill to legalize recreational marijuana in Illinois that likely goes further than other legislators prefer, but it has officially started the debate over complex legislation that will need to serve many interests. The bill, introduced Jan. 25 by Rep. Carol Ammons of Urbana,... Read more
Cresco Labs’ Dispensary Launches Newly Enacted Illinois Opioid Alternative Pilot Program

PRESS RELEASE CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cresco Labs (CSE: CL) (“Cresco” or “the Company”), one of the largest vertically integrated multistate cannabis operators in the United States, announced that the Company’s FloraMedex dispensary launched Illinois’ Opioid Alternative Pilot Program (OAPP) today vastly expanding the population of Illinois patients who can access medical... Read more
Illinois state legislators lay out plans for recreational marijuana proposal

Marijuana “bars” would be prohibited, and teenagers caught driving under the influence of marijuana would lose their licenses, a Springfield audience was told Monday night by lawmakers crafting a bill to allow recreational use of cannabis in Illinois. Hearing those details pleased state Sen. Andy Manar, D-Bunker Hill, whose... Read more

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