Residents of 19 Michigan cities are gearing up to take part in the state’s cannabis social justice program. The business licensing discount system is designed to prioritize entrepreneurs in the new industry who are longtime residents of economically underprivileged areas, who have been adversely affected by the war on... Read more
Regulators in Michigan announced on Thursday that license fees for legal medical marijuana businesses in the state will be transitioning to a tier-based system beginning on October 1. Under the plan, most businesses would see a reduction in fees or no change, although some companies will end up paying... Read more
Member Blog: Cannabis Retailers – Help Advance Cannabis Research
by Lisa Conine, Community Outreach Coordinator at Om of Medicine Medical cannabis retailers are in the unique position of having large amounts of data available to them in the form of medical cannabis patients. Four years ago, Om of Medicine partnered with researchers at the University of Michigan to... Read more
VIDEO: Member Spotlight – ArborSide Compassion
Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, ArborSide Compassion is a medical marijuana dispensary that has been operating since September 2011. Founder and CEO Rhory Gould has been a cannabis activist for over 35 years. The staff at ArborSide services over 1,200 patients per week and has won over 22 HIGH... Read more
11 things to know about Michigan’s new recreational marijuana rules
Michigan officials issued a set of heavily anticipated emergency rules for the recreational marijuana market this week that will define how the commercial sale of the now-legal drug will operate.  The rule set comes more than six months after 57 percent of Michigan voters chose to legalize marijuana and... Read more
After marijuana legalization, the wait for retail sales is the national norm
It’s been nearly eight months since Michigan’s marijuana legalization law took effect and the first retail sales are still months away. Michiganders will have to wait until at least November to know if they’ll be able to buy marijuana at a store in time for Christmas — or wait... Read more
With $42 million having been announced in medical marijuana revenue during the first four months of sales in Michigan, the state’s policymakers face a distinct challenge. How do you make sure that a decent slice of that money goes to those who have had their lives turned upside-down by... Read more
235,000 Michiganders could have marijuana record cleared under new bill
Misdemeanors involving low-level marijuana use and possession would be automatically cleared from Michiganders’ records under a bill that will be introduced this week by Sen. Jeff Irwin, D-Ann Arbor. The bill would allow roughly 235,000 people to have their misdemeanor records for marijuana use and possession automatically expunged without having to... Read more
There continues to be some large gaps in justice when it comes to the state by state cannabis legalization movement. Among them is a key question; What happens to those individuals with cannabis offenses that took place before the laws changed? Believe it or not, many of them aren’t... Read more
Michigan’s medical marijuana market could crash after recreational shops launch
Michigan has the second-largest population of medical marijuana patients in the nation, but that could change significantly after the recreational market launches in the state. Data from across the country show the number of medical marijuana patients significantly drops in a state once the product is legalized for recreational... Read more

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