Which Marijuana Stocks Will the New Farm Bill Benefit? A new development in... Marijuana Stocks Newsletter – Wednesday Morning Update – December 26, 2018

Which Marijuana Stocks Will the New Farm Bill Benefit?
A new development in the legislative battle for legal marijuana has hit the news. The new bill known as the Farm Bill has long-term implications for the whole world of cannabis as for the first time, a bill that sparsely deals with cannabis law has been approved. Congress recently approved a new bill that would allow $867 million to go to the agricultural industry. Much of the bill was supported by President Trump, but those who invest in marijuana stocks should know that it does not exclusively deal with the substance.
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Is Marijuana Legalization a Good Choice?
Marijuana has become a hotbed of legislative measures for some time now. We’ve seen the majority of U.S. states legalize cannabis for either recreational or medical purposes which has been extremely beneficial to not only the public but the state as well.
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What To Look Forward to for Marijuana in 2019
The marijuana industry has been one of the most intriguing markets to watch and participate in throughout the year. With so many legislative changes on the way, it seems as though we are only in the beginning stages of massive growth in the market.
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