Federal judge hands Indiana producers a setback on smokable-hemp challenge
A federal judge in Indiana is reversing course on a state law banning smokable hemp, handing growers and processors another defeat as they seek to find a path to market for the most profitable part of the plant. U.S. District Judge Sarah Evans Barker told the Midwest Hemp Council... Read more
Indiana House signs off on smokable hemp
The Indiana state House has overwhelmingly voted to reverse a smokable hemp ban being challenged in federal court. A bill approved 69-28 last week would remove references to “smokable hemp” from the state’s 2019 law setting up hemp regulations. Those regulations banned the production and sale of hemp flower... Read more
Here are the 2021 marijuana reform bills filed in the Indiana General Assembly
Indiana lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are once again bringing bills related to marijuana reform to the table this session. Ten bills directly related to the legalization, decriminalization or regulation of marijuana in the state of Indiana have been introduced to the Indiana House and Senate in... Read more
Indiana warns hemp farmers of unscrupulous seed vendors
Indiana regulators are warning hemp farmers to watch out for predatory hemp seed vendors that are currently active within the state. Along with a growing number of hemp growers are more reports of faulty seed and untrustworthy vendors, said Donald Robison, seed administrator at the Office of Indiana State... Read more
Indiana State Senator Files Two Cannabis Reform Bills | High Times Total 137 Share Read more
Jonathan Weinzapfel, the Democratic Party’s nominee for Indiana attorney general, called for the legalization of cannabis for adults in the Hoosier State on Monday, saying the move would provide a needed economic boost while increasing funding for public education and helping reduce law enforcement costs. “As Indiana works to... Read more
With the legalization of hemp at the federal level with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, it wasn’t long before a new industry based on the increasing popularity of cannabidiol began to take root across the country. But the growth of that industry is at risk in Indiana... Read more
A look at Indiana’s path to legalizing marijuana
Indiana State Sen. Karen Tallian remembers the moment that sparked her interest in marijuana legislation. About a decade ago, Tallian represented a teenager right out of high school who was charged with marijuana possession when a party was busted by the police. The teen took a plea deal, complied... Read more
If local officials no longer want to enforce anti-marijuana laws, Indiana Republicans want the state to step in.  That is the gist of the legislation that was approved Tuesday by a panel in the state senate. The bill would allow the Indiana attorney general’s office to intervene if a... Read more
‘Baffling’ smokable hemp ban in Indiana moves to federal appeals court
Indiana is making a “baffling” argument against smokable hemp as it tries to revive a ban ruled unconstitutional, a group of hemp wholesalers and retailers told a federal appeals court that’s been asked to intervene in the case. The Midwest Hemp Council and seven Indiana hemp wholesalers are challenging the state’s... Read more

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