The cannabis market has managed to remain on a serious uptrend for some time now amidst changing regulation and the shifting market altogether. With... The Intrinsic Value of Small-Cap Cannabis Stocks

The cannabis market has managed to remain on a serious uptrend for some time now amidst changing regulation and the shifting market altogether. With new laws going into place around the world and the public opinion of the substance also changing it seems as though the cannabis market of the future is even more exciting than the present. That being said, cannabis stocks in September saw massive amounts of gains likely due to the impending beginning of legal cannabis sales in Canada on October 17th.

One of the companies that many have been watching for some time now and one that continues to be watched as they get ready to potentially list on the NASDAQ has been Aleafia Health (NASDAQOTH:ALEAF). The company has been known as a small-cap medical consultation and cannabis growing company. As one of the businesses that has somewhat remained under the radar, the company has more than tripled its stock price after a continuing announcement of news regarding the business.

One of the biggest gains in the companies price came from the mention of a supply agreement with CannTrust Holdings. Although the company has already been purchasing a large amount of cannabis from Aleafia Health, the agreement could and should potentially make this purchasing even more strong in the near future. The agreement states that they may be able to buy as much as 15,000 kilograms of weed from the company throughout the 2019 year. They also have stated that they will be able to produce as much as 38,000 kilograms of cannabis per year by the beginning of this coming year. Aleafia also managed to see a large amount of news after they began a partnership with the Cronos Group to begin studying the effects of cannabis on insomnia and daytime sleepiness. In addition to all of that, the company made headlines when they stated that they would be joining the famed Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences ETF. If all that wasn’t enough, the aforementioned listing on the NASDAQ should continue to intrigue investors into the future. All in all, Aleafia seems to be doing a lot to get on the radar and investors should continue to take note.

The company The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD) has been one of the primary growers of cannabis throughout the industry. The company has ben committed to being the largest organic grower of cannabis in the world which is a niche side of the market that has yet to be fully tapped into. The company also stated recently that a bought deal financing deal will help any capital issues by giving them an extra $75 million to use throughout their business. The company has stated that they have the potential to reach as much as 750,000,000 people throughout the European and Latin American markets which makes them another interesting prospect to watch in the coming months. All of this is guided by the legalization of recreational cannabis mentioned prior to come on October 17th.

All in all, the cannabis market has continued to astound investors through and through. The hopes are high that in the coming months to years, cannabis can continue to be as exciting as it is currently.


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