Around the world on 4/20
How do Californians consume cannabis?
With the legalization of pot in California this month comes a cascade of creativity as cannabis startups take off and new ideas flow as profusely as ganja-generated revenues. High There! is one such animal. Describing itself as “a social network that promotes uniting cannabis users and enthusiasts with each... Read more
Other Roots: Denver’s unlikely pot czar Ashley Kilroy now leads the way internationally
Editor’s note: In our Other Roots series, we share the stories of the underrepresented individuals in and around the marijuana movement — women, ethnic minorities and others whose voices aren’t as prevalent in the conversation surrounding legalization. If you’d like to suggest an individual to the Other Roots team... Read more
Canada’s Tokyo Smoke makes a U.S. move with acquisition of Van der Pop
In some cool cannabis collaboration news, on-the-rise lifestyle brands Tokyo Smoke and Van der Pop have officially joined forces. Tokyo Smoke, which is moving toward U.S. expansion from its Toronto headquarters, has acquired Van der Pop, a Seattle-based company with a female-focused line of smoking accoutrements. Financial details were... Read more
Global ganja: Cannabis policies rapidly evolving
Americans seem to have a persistent notion of what marijuana policies look like around the world. The vision sold by Hollywood and globe-trotting backpackers is of people free to get high by the canals of liberal Amsterdam, or on the beaches of laid-back Jamaica, while anyone caught with a... Read more
Canuck columnist: “Trudeau’s plan to legalize pot is an insult to Canadians”
A string of broken promises – from tax cuts to electoral reform – has left Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau desperate for a quick win on one of his surviving marquee platform pledges. Thus, late last month, it was announced that his Liberal government would finally get around to... Read more
Op-ed: Gun ownership may be the unifying factor between parties on marijuana legalization
Via The Associated Press. The following editorial was published in the The Eugene Register-Guard, Jan. 17: Say what you will about U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, he may have succeeded in finding common ground for conservatives and liberals where others have failed. Sessions announced earlier this month that he... Read more
California ‘church’ was really an illegal marijuana dispensary, police allege
LOS ANGELES — Laguna Beach, Calif., police this month shut down what they allege was a marijuana dispensary posing as a church, the department said Monday. Officers seized more than 20 pounds of marijuana and more than $3,000 in cash, according to police Sgt. Jim Cota. Officers responded to... Read more
Canadian vet on 750-mile walk to protest cuts to medical marijuana treatment
Fabian Henry was walking on the side of the road one day in late March when a van pulled up alongside him. A Canadian military veteran on a 750-mile walk to protest cuts to the government’s medical marijuana program, Henry was nearing the end of his day. He had... Read more
The 2017 Global Marijuana March: This weekend around the world
Two weeks after many cities celebrated 4/20, people in cities around the world will take to the streets on Saturday for the 2017 Global Marijuana March (GMM, in some places known as the Million Marijuana March) as a protest to end cannabis prohibition in each of the countries where... Read more

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