KI findet die Nadel im Heuhaufen
Makenzie Branch April 15th, 2021 Exclusive, German, Psychedelics  Jedes Jahr werden Tausende von Molekülen als Medikamentenkandidaten für eine Vielzahl von Krankheiten hergestellt, synthetisiert und getestet. MagicMed Industries bringt diesen pharmazeutischen Entwicklungsansatz auf dem Gebiet der Psychedelika zum Einsatz, um neue therapeutische Alternativen für Patienten mit Problemen der Gehirn- und... Read more
AI to Find Needle in Haystack
Makenzie Branch April 15th, 2021 App, Exclusive, Psychedelics, Top Story Every year, thousands of molecules are being created, synthesized and tested as drug candidates for a vast number of ailments. MagicMed Industries brings this pharmaceutical development approach to the field of psychedelics to create new therapeutic alternatives for patients... Read more
Psychedelics Then & Now: From Ancient Times to the Psychedelic Renaissance
Ryan Allway April 14th, 2021 App, Exclusive, Psychedelics, Top Story Psychedelics have become one of the most promising classes of drugs in a generation, as well as an exciting new industry for investors. Despite their resurgence among researchers and investors, psychedelics have been used for thousands of years before... Read more
Psychedelics Wellness Company Delic: Proven Management Team with a Star-Studded Board
Ryan Allway April 9th, 2021 App, Exclusive, Psychedelics, Top News The psychedelics  sector is quickly evolving into a multi-billion-dollar industry with a growing number of publicly traded companies. As with any new industry, there are many companies backed by little more than financiers looking to make a quick dollar... Read more
The Rise of Specialization in Cannabis (and How to Invest)
Ryan Allway April 5th, 2021 App, Exclusive, Top News Many early cannabis companies were forced into vertical-integration due to regulatory constraints. While it may make sense for cultivators to create extracts, it doesn’t always make sense for them to own commercial kitchens for confections or bottling machines for beverages,... Read more
Revive Therapeutics Announces Successful Research Results for Psilocybin to Treat Traumatic Brain Injury and Filing of International Patent Application
Ryan Allway March 19th, 2021 Psychedelics, Top News TORONTO, March 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Revive Therapeutics Ltd. (“Revive” or the “Company”) (CSE: RVV, USA: RVVTF), a specialty life sciences company focused on the research and development of therapeutics for medical needs and rare disorders, is pleased to announce... Read more
Under the partnership with ERO, the Company will leverage its statewide distribution infrastructure to serve as the exclusive distributor of ERO’s diverse line of finished goods across multiple product categories—including cannabis vape cartridges, concentrates, extracts, pre-rolls, and flower—to Highlanders’ rapidly growing customer base of over 200 licensed retailers throughout California.... Read more
CLC Enters Sales and Marketing Phase Producing First Commercial Cannabis-Derived Crude Oil, and Introduces Two Extraction Specialists
Ryan Allway December 23rd, 2020 VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Christina Lake Cannabis Corp. (the “Company” or “CLC” or “Christina Lake Cannabis”) (CSE:CLC) (FRANKFURT: CLB) is pleased to announce that it has produced its first batch of cannabis-derived crude oil produced using its Vitalis R-200-H-GMP-SS extraction system... Read more
MagicMed zielt mit dem Programm für pharmazeutische Derivate auf einen massiven Markt ab
Ryan Allway December 23rd, 2020 Exclusive, German, Psychedelics Der Markt für Psychedelika ist aufgrund des unentdeckten therapeutischen Potenzials psychedelischer Moleküle schwer zu berechnen. Die wissenschaftliche Gemeinschaft hat gezeigt, dass Psychedelika mehrere Milliarden-Dollar-Märkte im Bereich Gehirn und psychische Gesundheit behandeln können. MagicMed Industries zielt darauf ab, Teile beider Märkte zu... Read more
MagicMed Targets Massive Market with Pharmaceutical Derivatives Program
Ryan Allway December 23rd, 2020 App, Exclusive, Psychedelics, Top Story The psychedelics market is hard to calculate because of the undiscovered therapeutic potential of psychedelic molecules. The scientific community has shown that psychedelics could treat multiple multibillion-dollar markets in the brain and mental health space. MagicMed Industries positions itself... Read more

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