Unless you’re brand new to the “team”, we’ve seen this all too many times before. GT Biopharma has seen some of the strongest breakout... Marijuana Stocks: We’ve Seen This Before

Unless you’re brand new to the “team”, we’ve seen this all too many times before. GT Biopharma has seen some of the strongest breakout potential on a reoccurring basis than almost all of our other featured companies. Over the last 7 months, GTBP has seen 4 clear breakouts and the most recent one could be far from over!
Besides these clear rallies, there is something that could be even more important to pay attention to: the clear cut support/resistance line that has formed over the last few months.  As you’ll see, even though GTBP saw a pull back on Wednesday, it did end up closing above those session lows and furthermore, is still holding potential gains of more than 40% since we started to follow the company this month.

For GTBP, there is far more going on with the company now, which could pose potential catalysts to look forward to.  Mainly, the recent news that the company signed an agreement with a Major Pharmaceutical Company to study its drug candidate OXS-1550 in combination with a Multi-Billion Dollar Oncology Drug on the 19th of July means that we will hopefully see who this “Major Pharma Company” will be, sometime. Furthermore, GTBP has begun to once again add to its strong board.

Yesterday GTBP announced the addition of Dr. John N. Bonfiglio to GT Biopharma’s Board of Directors on July 5, 2018. If you haven’t read that announcement, you can HERE. But let’s break down the hot points to pay very close attention to because this could also lead the way for new opportunities for GTBP ahead:

Dr. John N. Bonfiglio Experience:

  1. 30 years’ experience
  2. Started his career with Allergan (AGN) pharmaceuticals
  3. Baxter HealthCare
  4. CEO at Peregrine Pharmaceutical – turned around company, financing, licensing
  5. COO of Cypress BioSciences – in-licensing technology for fibromyalgia and then out-licensed to Forest Labs
  6. CEO at the Immune Response Corporation
  7. CEO at Argos Therapeutics (ARGS)
  8. CEO at Oragenics (OGEN) in Tampa, FL where he completed two strategic deals with Intrexon Corporation (XON), raised over $29M, relisted the company on the NYSE: MKT
  9. Recently: Board member and President and COO a for Tapimmune (TPIV) and helped to uplist the company to NASDAQ

In our opinion, every time GTBP has seen a pull-back, new developments from the company have helped spark momentum as we’ve clearly seen multiple times throughout the year. With these most recent developments in tow, this could be one of the most important times to be keeping an eye on GTBP considering the “Major Pharma” company that will be studying one of GTBP‘s leading drug candidates.

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