Anyone who works in an industry that conducts random drug testing is aware of the consequences of testing positive for any controlled substance. Depending... Does CBD Test Positive on a Drug Test?

Anyone who works in an industry that conducts random drug testing is aware of the consequences of testing positive for any controlled substance. Depending on the situation, the price for a failed drug test can be very high to include the loss of your job, being passed over for employment, being stripped of any permits required to work within your industry and under certain circumstances, you may lose your freedom. Insult to injury is added when you find yourself suffering through the consequences when they are associated with a false positive. There are plenty of individuals who are hesitant to use CBD under the fear that they could test positive for THC.

Is it possible to fail a drug test using CBD?

An important first step towards answering this question is to understand that not every drug test works the same. Let’s explore some of the more common tests being conducted.

Urine Tests

Urine remains the most common type of drug test performed by employers. Urine tests are capable of detecting a wide variety of substances to include THC. These tests tend to be less reliable than some of the other methods.

Blood Tests

Testing banned substances through blood samples is very effective for detecting cocaine, opiates and amphetamines to include methamphetamines and derivatives such as MDMA. Blood testing is not very effective at detecting cannabis use since THC only lives in the bloodstream for about 6 hours.

Saliva Tests

The newest member of the drug test community is quickly gaining in popularity due to the non-invasiveness of collecting samples. Saliva tests tend to be very hard to cheat unlike urine samples. Saliva test are cost effective and allow for quick processing. This method is also very effective at detecting THC.

Hair Tests

Hair testing is capable of detecting trace amounts several months after consumption. Hair tests are responsible for the majority of positive drug tests. This has everything to do with how far back hair tests are able to detect banned substances.

Does CBD test positive for THC?

Simply put, the answer is no if using hemp derived CBD oil. Hemp extracted CBD oils contain only minute amounts of THC. THC levels are so low that CBD oil is legal to be sold in states that do not have a medical or recreational marijuana program since the government does not view CBD as a controlled substance.

The answer is most definitely yes if using CBD cannabis oil. CBD oil that is extracted from cannabis will contain high levels of THC. For this reason, CBD hemp oil has continued to gain popularity especially in states that do not have a medical or a recreational program.

How common are false positive drug tests for CBD?

Unfortunately the number of false positive drug tests associated with CBD use is considerably higher than what it should be. The main culprit behind testing positive is using a CBD product that is tainted with THC. Less reputable brands tend to use plants that have a higher concentration of THC than what is allowed. Using inferior products offered by companies that are out of compliance could pose a health risk to the consumer.

The best and most effective way to avoid these issues is to only use hemp derived CBD products from a reputable and reliable source such as the products that are offered by Green Leaf Pure.

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