A New Mexico judge has ruled that recent changes to the regulations affecting the state’s medical marijuana program mean that out of state residents will now qualify to buy cannabis at government-run dispensaries. “The replacement is a clear sign of legislative intent to widen the reach of eligibility... Read more
Will Texans give up gun rights to get medical marijuana? Federal government says they have to
AUSTIN, Texas — For years, Joshua Raines has been using marijuana illegally to treat the epilepsy and PTSD he developed during his five years in the Army. His diagnosis was set off after suffering a traumatic brain injury during a bomb explosion while in Afghanistan. Raines, 31, has been... Read more
In one Texas school district, seventh graders looking to join the chess team will now need to make sure they test clean for alcohol and cannabis. Bushland Independent School District officials say that the decision to enforce mandatory drug testing for seventh to 12th graders hoping to participate in... Read more
Life-Changing: What Expansion of Texas Medical Cannabis Program Means for Patients
The 86th Texas Legislature will be remembered as a landmark in Lone Star state history for the rights of Texas patients and their families.  The new medical cannabis law, passed with bipartisan support and signed by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, significantly expands access to hundreds of thousands more Texas... Read more
Earlier this month, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill that will legalize industrial hemp and CBD products. Now, some county prosecutors are grappling with the fallout with the new law—namely, what to do with more than 200 pot-related offenses. The district attorney’s office in Tarrant County, Texas has... Read more
Republican Governor Greg Abbot of Texas signed a bill on Monday that will allow farmers in the state to legally grow hemp. The measure, House Bill 1325 (HB1325), also removes hemp from the state’s list of controlled substances and legalizes cannabidiol, or CBD, and products made with the cannabinoid.... Read more
The World Trade Bridge between the United States and Mexico is one of the most secure and fortified ports of entry along the US southern border. But drug traffickers still smuggle the majority of illicit drugs through official ports of entry like the one in Laredo. Sometimes, they get... Read more
More Texans may soon be able to use medical cannabis — CBD oil — legally
A plan to let more Texans use medical cannabis in the form of CBD oil advanced in the Senate Wednesday, with less than a week left in the legislative session. Fort Worth Republican state Rep. Stephanie Klick had proposed letting Texans with multiple sclerosis, spasticity and any form of epilepsy use the... Read more
Texas Senate unanimously approves industrial hemp, CBD legislation
The push to legalize hemp and CBD products in Texas cleared another legislative hurdle with the state Senate’s unanimous approval of a bill to allow production and sales. The proposed Texas hemp bill, which also passed unanimously in the state House last month, would not only legalize CBD in... Read more
Texas House Votes to Significantly Expand Medical Marijuana Law
Christy and Mark Zartler consider cannabis to be their daughter’s “rescue medicine.” Kara, 19, has severe autism and cerebral palsy, and has hurt herself — smacking and punching her face and head repeatedly — for more than a decade. Nothing, including pharmaceutical drugs, worked to calm her, until the... Read more

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