The marijuana market has grown substantially over the course of the past few... Navigating the New World of Marijuana

The marijuana market has grown substantially over the course of the past few years. With so much growth and new legislation occurring around North America and in select countries abroad, it seems as though it can be difficult at times to navigate the tricky obstacles of buying and using cannabis. So here is a small beginners guide to the sticky world of cannabis.

The first thing one should note before walking into that tempting dispensary is the different kinds of cannabis available. The three main types are sativa, indica and a hybrid of both. These three types of weed all have varying uses, but they all do serve a solid purpose as cannabis.

Sativa is known widely as the uplifting daytime cannabis. The main characteristics of this type are that it provides a very useable strain selection based in being able to function throughout the day without falling asleep. Indica, on the other hand, does quite the opposite. Strains categorized as Indica have the potential to make the user sleepy and are not suggested for daytime use, but this has been noted as one of the desirable effects of the type.

A hybrid is as the name suggests, a mix of both which can be more sativa or indica dominant. Both have their ups and downs, and both have different reasons for being used. This is not to say that one is better than another but it all boils down to the preference of the user.

When going to purchase cannabis, there are several things to look and smell for. This can help to determine the quality of the weed, and ensure that it isn’t just your cousins year old stash. One of the best indicators of high-quality weed and one of the most important is the smell. When smelling cannabis, there should be individual aromas that all come together to build a complete smell profile.

After smelling, one should take a close look at the substance and examine it for its crystallization (small shiny crystals) and the denseness of the bud itself. These two factors should help to pick apart which is a good strain and which is a less than stellar one. Of course, there are many other factors, but these two should help to determine which is the better of the choice.

All in all, cannabis boils down to the users preference. This is where the friendly behind the counter budtenders come into play. These trained professionals know the best type of weed for the ailment or recreational purpose at hand and can suggest and make recommendations based on such.

The most important thing to note is that it is always best to do the research and find out what is right for you. If one takes into consideration all of the aforementioned factors, they should be headed in the right direction. At the end of the day, make sure to stay safe and smoke responsibly to ensure that one has a good time using cannabis for whatever the purpose may be.

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