DENVER (July 16, 2018) – PRESS RELEASE – NanoSphere Health Sciences INC, the biotech firm behind the NanoSphere Delivery System, has announced that its... National Cannabis Industry Association to Host Colorado Quarterly Cannabis Caucus in Denver

DENVER (July 16, 2018) – PRESS RELEASE – NanoSphere Health Sciences INC, the biotech firm behind the NanoSphere Delivery System, has announced that its cannabis brand Evolve Formulas will partner with Jeff Friesen, former NHL player and marijuana advocate, in a campaign to educate athletes about the benefits of cannabis as a natural health supplement.

Jeff Friesen is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player. In 2003, he won the Stanley Cup and cemented his place in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Friesen, in his years of professional athleticism, experienced multiple injuries and broken bones. He discovered cannabis as a beneficial healing supplement during this time and began advocating for the use of marijuana by athletes for training and recovery programs while avoiding the negative side effects of pain killers and prescription drugs.

Through this new partnership, Friesen and Evolve Formulas will work together to promote cannabis as method of pain management, relaxation, decreasing anxiety and improving sleep quality. Initiatives will include educational seminars and events, digital campaigning and official public appearances as an Evolve Formulas representative. 

“Throughout my NHL career, I suffered multiple injuries and broken bones. I discovered from firsthand experience about the endless benefits of cannabis to reduce pain, inflammation, anxiety and improve sleep quality. I believe cannabinoids have unlimited potential and feel fortunate to have found Evolve Formulas’ product, NanoSerum, which provides relief from common athletic issues such as pain, inflammation and stress in minutes. As an athlete, I know that avoiding the negative and lasting side effects of painkillers is crucial to performance, which is why I turn to cannabis and hope to spread greater awareness of its natural healing potential,” said Jeff Friesen.

“Our partnership with Jeff Friesen is part of a wider effort and campaign by Evolve Formulas’ to educate athletes on the benefits of marijuana, as well as to assist them in their workout regimes. By launching these initiatives, Evolve Formulas aims to increase the credibility of cannabis as a legitimate health and wellness tool, offering a safer alternative to potentially addictive and harmful pharmaceuticals,” said David Sutton, COO and president of NanoSphere Health Sciences and Evolve Formulas. 

Evolve Formulas products utilize the patented NanoSphere Delivery System to nanoencapsulate cannabinoids in lipid membranes for transportation through the skin and mucosa into the cells and bloodstream. This technology eliminates delayed onset of action, vastly increases bioavailability of the ingredients and alleviates adverse side effects of cannabis. The brand’s pioneering product, Transdermal NanoSerum, is currently available in over 200 dispensaries across Colorado and will soon launch in California and Arizona.

Photo courtesy of NanoSphere Health Sciences

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