Ryan Allway January 18th, 2019 Exclusive, News, Top News Organic waste disposal is a problem facing a wide range of industries, including food services... Micron Waste Secures Key Patents As It Looks to Cannabis and Beyond

Ryan Allway

January 18th, 2019

Exclusive, News, Top News

Organic waste disposal is a problem facing a wide range of industries, including food services and processing, brewing and spirits, pulp and paper, biological pharmaceuticals, and even the nascent cannabis industry. With growing government regulation of pollutants and increased corporate focus on sustainability, industries are searching for clean technology solutions to manage waste challenges.

Micron Waste Technologies Inc.’s  (CSE:MWM) Organic waste management system processes waste directly on-site and treats the resulting wastewater to meet or exceed municipal sewage discharge standards. Over the past year, the company has brought its technology from a research and development stage to a commercial-ready solution that has already attracted industry-leading partners.

In this article, we will look at the progress the company has made towards commercializing its innovative technology, how a new patent opens the door to new possibilities, and future plans to expand into other vertical markets.

Moving to Commercialization

Micron Waste’s industrial-grade organic waste processor pulverizes and renders organic waste in combination with a proprietary blend of microbes and enzymes. In addition to treating the waste on-site, the technology removes contaminants and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) from effluent water, enabling customers to minimize their water footprint by recycling and reclaiming the purified water for their operations.

The company originally targeted industrial-scale food waste processed by municipalities, quick service restaurants, and supermarkets. Last year, the company expanded into the cannabis industry with the development of the Cannavore™in conjunction with Aurora Cannabis Inc. Early trials have shown that the technology improves the economics of cannabis waste disposal and speeds along compliance procedures.

In the U.S., the company plans to roll out the Cannavore through a new partnership with Quest Resource Management, a leader in environmental reuse, recycling, and other disposal services. Quest, which operates in 50 states, will market and distribute the Cannavore to U.S. cannabis operations.

Building a Patent Portfolio

Micron Waste recently announced that it was awarded a US patent for its commercial biological waste treatment formulation, which underlies its innovative technologies. The patent recognizes and safeguards the innovative processes developed by the company’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Bob Bhushan, whose research led to the development of immobilization technology that protects and enhances microorganisms and enzymes.

“This is an important and validating milestone for Micron, locking in our leadership in a new era in organic waste management,” said President and CEO Alfred Wong. “Dr. Bhushan’s formula complements the efficiency of our Cannavore cannabis and food digester units. The immobilization process protects the live agents, which activate with increased potency and enhanced metabolic activity.”

Prior to securing the new patent, the company was awarded an Industrial Design Certificate of Registration from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, with U.S. patent pending, for its commercial digester unit. The unit’s innovative, functional design enhances food digestion efficiency by up to 40 percent while reducing its footprint and digestion time. The technology was repurposed for the Cannavore, which also employs proprietary processes to denature APIs.

With its strong IP protection and validation of its platform for cannabis and food, Micron is preparing to target a wide variety of industries which produce organic waste, repurposing its units and amending its formulas to enter several new markets. For more information on Micron, visit the company’s website.


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