The month of July has already shown quite a bit of... Marijuana Stocks Continue to Bring in the Bulls

The month of July has already shown quite a bit of promise for the world of marijuana stocks. In just a few short months, cannabis stocks have grown substantially. The thing is, given that there is so much interest in the marijuana industry, the market is growing every day. While it can often be difficult to locate value in the pot stock space, some companies continue to be highlighted by their commitment to innovation in products and business models. Despite the fact that there is rampant competition occurring throughout the market, there are several businesses that investors should keep a close eye on throughout the near future and beyond.

A Cannabis Stock to Watch

AgraFlora Organics (AGRA) (PUFXF) is a growth-oriented company currently working out of the international cannabis market. The company currently operates out of their indoor cultivation operation in London, ON. Additionally, they are a joint partner in a facility based out of Delta, BC. This operation differs as it is large scale at almost 2.2 million square feet as well as indoors. The company has continuously illustrated their commitment to boosting shareholder value as well as pursuing as many opportunities as they can. With their eyes set on both the Canadian and international cannabis market, there’s not telling where AgraFlora Organics could go in the near future.

A New Patented Technology Announcement for AgraFlora Organics

The company recently announced that they have begun phase 1 development of a new pharmaceutical grade beverage dispensing cap. The new tech will be able to be utilized in a series of bottled products, which they aim to do in the near future. The company has stated that their goal is to achieve a yearly output north of 30 million bottles. Currently, they are working on a first production run of around 25,000 units for testing and prototyping purposes.

AgraFlora Organics has stated that their five-year process on the product includes development expenditures north of $30 million. This just goes to show how committed they are to ensuring this product is up to date. The design includes as many as seven unique design patents with ten utility patents as well. The company has done this through an exclusive licensing agreement to produce the Twist and Release Dose Cap. The hopes are that this product can help to revolutionize the shifting marijuana space.

A Big Cannabis Producer Still Leads the Pot Stock Market

Tilray (NASDAQ:TLRY) is considered to be one of the largest producers of marijuana in the whole of the market. The company finished the month of June with an almost 23% gain. While many view them as another pot stock, an interesting view that has arisen is one of a commodity. Since they are producing large quantities of a singular product with an almost fixed price, the commodity model makes sense. Despite volatility in their share price, the production amount guarantees some sort of revenue for the company as long as they can have the proper distribution. With the future demand for cannabis shooting up, Tilray remains an important part of the industry overall.

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