Ryan Allway October 12th, 2018 Exclusive, Top News Next Green Wave LLC (CSE:NGW) is a vertically integrated company with full seed to consumer... Cannabis Cup Winner Next Green Wave Begins Trading 10/10/18

Ryan Allway

October 12th, 2018

Exclusive, Top News

Next Green Wave LLC (CSE:NGW) is a vertically integrated company with full seed to consumer capabilities, four conditional use permits for medical and recreational sales, and complete compliance with California’s Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (“MMRSA”). NGW’s licensing allows for cultivation, nursery, and volatile and non-volatile extraction setting the company up in a strategic position to distribute to the entirety of the rapidly expanding California market as it is listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange (“CSE”) on October 10th, 2018.

Next Green Wave’s seed to sale element enables control of the entire growing, manufacturing, sales, and distribution processes under its highly proficient and professional management team who have decades of expertise in the cannabis space. With a focus on genetics and tissue culturing, the group has been developing genetic strains known worldwide as an integral part of the company’s highly decorated brand, Loud Seeds. Loud Seeds is a member of the High Times Seed Bank Hall of Fame, recipient of the  High Times Cannabis Cup, not once but six times, and is named one of High Times Top 100 Most Influential Breeders in California.

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Production and Distribution Development Plans

Next Green Wave plans to employ THC and CBD infusion and extraction techniques in its repertoire of cannabinoid products. Their extraction techniques will utilize CO2, ethanol, butane, pentane, and propane methods that the company intends to use to develop saleable waxes, edibles, drinks, topical, vaporizers, and other infused merchandise. Using advanced practices and high-grade genetics, the company also plans to create hybrid strains and be a wholesaler and retailer of clones and seedlings.

In California, only licensed transporters can move product, leaving Next Green Wave in a significant distributing position due to its licensed distributor status. To capitalize on this strategic situation, the company expects to contract with legal producers without distribution licenses and facilitate the transportation of their cannabis products. In particular, NGW will be  targeting edible makers, vape manufacturers, dispensaries, and 3rd party cultivators. With the combined capabilities, the company can market the partnered products throughout connected retail and wholesale channels and, along with distributing, also package and offer sale services to the associated companies.

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A Shift to Brand Acquisition

As the industry matures and develops, Next Green Wave plans to focus on brand acquisition and forging partnerships with existing companies in order to expand their product offering. The company also plans to continue examining possible, future connections within the international cannabis space, including the Canadian and Australian markets.

Current and Future Facilities – Facility A 75% Complete

Next Green Wave was the first cannabis company to purchase land in the city of Coalinga’s “green zone”, located equidistant from San Francisco and Los Angeles. Now, a total of approximately 15 acres of that land is 100 percent owned by the company. Since the acquisition, Next Green Wave holds four sites in the area for a possible total of 350,000 sq ft of combined indoor and mixed light cultivation areas. Two of the facilities could potentially be in operation by the end of Q4 2019. , while the other two sites expect construction commencement and operation in 2020. Together, Facilities A and B create a total of 85,000 sq ft of indoor growing space. NGW expects Facility A to be completed by the end of Q4, 2018. Facility C is a 3,240 sq ft nursery that is already built and doubles as a distribution and extraction area. The last plot, Facility D, is a 10-acre lot intended for constructing a more than 250,000 sq ft greenhouse.

Strategic Partnerships Prior to Going Public

Next Green Wave has recently received full regulatory approval and is listing on the public market, the CSE, on October 10th, 2018 and will trade under the symbol ‘NGW’. The company is well funded after privately raising over CAD $21M  leading into this inaugural public listing. Currently, the company has about 400 shareholders, seven of which are institutions with the rest being brokerage firms across the continent. In the final investment round, a significant public company, Cannabis Growth Opportunity Corp (CGOC: CSE), also made a strategic investment contributing to the company’s successful funding efforts.

With multiple privately built connections to more than 90% of California’s licensed dispensaries, NGW is expected to be generating revenues next year with the first harvest in Q1 of 2019. Revenues could improve in 2020 with the anticipated expansion and building out of the company’s planned facilities. The timing correlates well with the projected global industry growth that is forecast to rise 60% by the year 2021. California contributes to a significant portion of the United States legal market and is expected to grow to $6.5B in sales by 2020.

Please click here to see the company’s corporate presentation and get a going public alert.


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