Marijuana has become quite a popular topic amongst the vast majority...

Marijuana has become quite a popular topic amongst the vast majority of the U.S. With so many states have legalized the substance for either recreational or medicinal use, it seems only fair to think that individuals would need to consume their medical cannabis while in the workplace. This, however, has become quite an issue as it is difficult to mediate between the company and the individual. Of course, lawful use of marijuana should not be punished, but what does using cannabis in the workplace look like?

One of the most important things to note is that each state has different laws regarding cannabis. This simply means that there is no one universal standard when it comes to cannabis, but at least we can begin to break down some of the more broad barriers.

Some states have gone through the path of beginning to provide protection to those who use cannabis under various disability laws. Of course, there is a correlation between disabilities and the need for medical marijuana use. This means that companies that choose to persecute their employees via drug tests, could face legal action on the bounds of denying a person their treatment.

Several court cases have popped up in recent times illustrating that the people should be able to use cannabis as it pertains to a medical illness. Some states have moved toward legislation showing that patients who consume marijuana can only do so if they are not impaired whatsoever. The law would effectively also cover patients who legally consume cannabis at the time of employment, and are not able to pass a drug test due to this.

One of the most important distinctions, however, is that these laws strictly apply to those who use cannabis for medicinal purposes and not for recreational reasons. Employers instead are working to test for impairment rather than whether or not the patient consumes cannabis. The majority of states with legal cannabis laws state that employers do not have to tolerate workers who consume cannabis and therefore are “under the influence” at work.

One of the other important factors is that these new laws need to be considered with flexibility in mind. Because the industry and the laws are shifting so quickly, it seems as though the stipulations regarding cannabis need to be able to be changed as well.

Another issue that comes to mind when deciding how to limit cannabis is figuring out whether or not a company is funded by the federal government. Because cannabis is considered to be quite illegal from the federal standpoint, it seems as though there are some difficulties that come to mind when using cannabis in these types of companies.

All in all, the most important factor is to do as much research as one can. Since cannabis laws differ greatly from state to state, it seems as though the internet may be the best friend for anyone looking to clear up the situation even more.

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