The 2018 year in marijuana stocks was quite instrumental in surmounting some stability... Will 2019 be the Year for Marijuana Stocks?

The 2018 year in marijuana stocks was quite instrumental in surmounting some stability throughout the market. 2019, however, has shown that there has been a large amount of bullish sentiment with many investors in the industry.

As we delve further into this new year, many are wondering how much further this bullish market can run. With predictions showing the market reaching double-digit billions in only a few years, it seems as though there may continue to be an uptick as we move forward.

American Premium Water Corporation (HIPH) is one of the companies involved in leading the charge for cannabinoid infused beverages. For those who don’t know, cannabinoids are the various chemical components within the cannabis plant which have been stated to have many healing and curing properties.

American Premium Water has been working on producing a product known as Lalpina Hydro CBD, which is a CBD infused hydro-beverage and known as the only one on the market. According to the company “LALPINA HYDROGEN CBD will utilize its hydrogen delivery to allow the CBD nutrients to immediately penetrate into the cells, bypassing the bloodstream and giving the body an immediate effect.”

With CBD reaching so much popularity given the recent passing of the Farm Bill and its subsequent positive effect on the world of industrially produced CBD, it seems as though American Premium Water is at the frontline of this move. American Premium Water also recently announced that they will be participating in promotional activities leading up to the Super Bowl, which should help them to get some much-deserved recognition for their product.

In the past five day period, American Premium Water has shot up in stock price by as much as 47%, showing the amount of confidence that investors have in their ability to move into the future. As CBD continues to see growth, the hopes are that American Premium Water can maintain a part of it.

Aurora Cannabis (NYSE:ACB) is widely regarded as one of the largest cannabis companies in the whole of the industry. The company made a series of acquisitions throughout last year which has resulted in more growth for the 2019 year. Aurora has stated that they are on pace to being able to produce as much as 700,000 kilograms of cannabis when operating at peak production capacity.

One of the main issues with Aurora has been their stock dilution, which some investors have been unhappy about. This, however, has slightly been turned around as the company aims to potentially receive their end of the huge investments moving into the cannabis market from all around.

Many companies in the cannabis industry have received investments from large beverage or tobacco producers as they hope to get into the lucrative industry. Aurora in its sheer size looks like it could become one of the next companies to do so as we move further throughout this new year. Only time will tell however how much growth they can maintain with so much competition occurring in the vast marijuana market.

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