Marijuana stocks as a whole have seen quite the ups and downs this... The East Coast Marijuana Stock Market is Booming

Marijuana stocks as a whole have seen quite the ups and downs this year as new legislation goes into place and the atmosphere surrounding cannabis gets lighter. One of the markets that has been growing rapidly however has been the entrance of the East Coast states into the marijuana industry.

States such as Florida and New York have been working to build their marijuana businesses to be some of the top players in the industry as it moves forward. While marijuana law may not be as up to par as some would like it at this point in time, the next two to three years seem to have a large amount of promise for growth.

Next Green Wave (NGW) may not be based out of the East Coast, but as one of the larger producers of cannabis in the U.S., it seems as though they may be able to benefit from the budding East Coast market. Next Green Wave currently has as much as 60,000 square feet of growing space in the works which should guarantee them a spot among the leading grow operations in the nation.

In addition to this, NGW is one of the leading vertically integrated businesses in the cannabis market. This means that not only do they have incredibly high margins compared to similar businesses, but they also are able to have an extremely hard hand in production of their product. Next Green Wave has been working to continue building their market presence across the U.S. which could soon enough see them exporting product around the nation.

Cureleaf Holdings (NASDAQOTH:CURLF) currently has one of the largest market capitalizations of any cannabis company in the U.S. Curaleaf is similar however to Next Green Wave as they too are fully vertically integrated. Cureleaf differs however as they offer retail presence as opposed to just purely growing the substance. The company is also already positioned well in the East Coast market with their most recent store opening in Ocala, Florida. Currently, 18 of their 34 retail stores are domestically in Florida which means that they should continue to be one of the largest purveyors of cannabis in the state.

To help illustrate the scale of Cureleaf, it should be noted that they currently have as many as a dozen cultivation sites across their business with ten processing facilities also in tow. Currently, they are the most prominent player in the U.S. market, but the competition in the industry is continuing to ramp up. Cureleaf recently stated to the public that they achieved over $21 million in revenue this year, which puts them up almost 300% over the past year or so. Currently, they have around $400 million in free cash from their IPO, which should help them to further ramp up their operations over the course of the next year or two.

With the growth of these companies happening at a rapid pace, it seems as though marijuana should continue to be one of the most important industries of the modern day. The hopes are that these companies will be able to continue growing at a moderate pace as to not exceed their capacities.

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