Decibel Appoints Paul Wilson as CEO
Ryan Allway June 22nd, 2021 News, Top News CALGARY, AB, June 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Decibel Cannabis Company Inc. (the “Company” or “Decibel”) (TSXV: DB) (OTCQB: DBCCF), a premium cannabis producer, is pleased to announce  the appointment of Paul Wilson as its Chief Executive Officer, effective Wednesday, June 23rd. Emphasizing the Company’s objective for brand... Read more
Phyto Extractions Announces Michael Forbes as New CEO
Ryan Allway May 10th, 2021 LANGLEY, BC / ACCESSWIRE / May 10, 2021 / Phyto Extractions Inc. (formerly, Adastra Labs Holdings Ltd.) (CSE:XTRX)(Frankfurt:D2EP) (“Phyto Extractions” or the “Company”) is proud to announce Michael Forbes Pharm, MBA as its new CEO and director. Mr. Forbes comes to Phyto Extractions with a... Read more
Microdosing: The Next Revolution in Psychedelics
Ryan Allway April 22nd, 2021 App, Exclusive, Psychedelics, Top Story The psychedelics industry has experienced a renaissance over the past few years as researchers have opened a pandora’s box of potential. From major depression to generalized anxiety to post-traumatic stress disorder, emerging research suggests that psychedelic substances could have... Read more
Israel Gives Final Go-Ahead for Cannabis Exports: Here’s Who Could Profit
Ryan Allway May 29th, 2020 App, Exclusive, News, Top Story May 29, 2020 — Santa Monica, CA — CFN Enterprises Inc. (OTCQB: CNFN), owner and operator of CFN Media, the leading media network dedicated to the global legal cannabis, CBD and psychedelics industries, today announces an article discussing Israel’s... Read more
THC BioMed Reports Growing Revenue & Profitability
Ryan Allway April 22nd, 2020 App, Exclusive, News, Top Story Cannabis investors had already been shifting from “unproven potential” to “profitability” over the past several quarters prior to the global health crisis. With the COVID-19 outbreak, investors have fled previous investments to profitable companies that aren’t reliant on costly... Read more
Cannabis Brands Want Their Own Store, CalEthos Deems it Essential
Robin Lefferts April 3rd, 2020 App, Exclusive, News, Top News What is the ideal setting for a brand to showcase its wares to the retail consumer? It is certainly not a crowded store with hundreds of brands competing for limited shelf space and consumer attention. Every brand out there... Read more
Psychedelics: Investing in the Perfect BrainStorm
Ryan Allway April 3rd, 2020 App, Exclusive, News, Top Story Psychedelics are rapidly becoming both a mainstream treatment option and investment opportunity. With growing interest among researchers, forward-thinking companies are starting to build a presence in the space.  In this article, we will take a look at the growing... Read more
Coping With Stress During the COVID-19 Outbreak with CBD & Adaptogens
Ryan Allway March 30th, 2020 Uncategorized The COVID-19 outbreak has become a major source of stress over the past several weeks. In addition to the fear and anxiety of disease, quarantines and “stay at home” orders have contributed to stress levels, leading to poor sleep, unhealthy eating, and other... Read more
Israel Begins Cannabis Exports to Meet Unmet Medical Needs
Ryan Allway March 25th, 2020 App, Exclusive, News, Top Story Israel has long been an international center for cannabis research. THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, and CBD, the plant’s predominant non-psychoactive ingredient, were first isolated and defined by Israeli researcher Dr. Raphael Mechoulam in the early 1960s. Research... Read more
Isracann Enters JV for Near-Term Cannabis Farm Production Opportunity in Israel
Partnership advances time-to-market to under six months VANCOUVER, BC, — (March 24, 2020) – Isracann Biosciences Inc.  (CSE: IPOT) (XFRA: A2PT0E) (OTC: ISCNF) (the “Company” or “Isracann”) an Israel-based company focused on becoming a premier low cost, high quality cannabis producer for both domestic and European export sales, is... Read more

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