Immerse Your Business at #CannaBizSummit
by Madeline Grant, NCIA’s Government Relations Manager The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) will be holding its 7th Annual Cannabis Business Summit & Expo next month in San Francisco, California. From December 15-17, don’t miss the opportunity to network, engage with hundreds of exhibitors from the cannabis ecosystem, and... Read more
Member Blog: Business SMS Basics for Cannabis
by Matt Hostacky, Regional Sales Manager, Flex IP Solutions/Cannabiz Text Text messaging is the next wave of communication to customers. 98% of all texts get received. 92% are read within 5 minutes. And 45% receive a response, and if you think that your customers want to engage their favorite... Read more
Member Blog: Stickier Products Need Thicker Gloves, Right?
by Steve Ardagh, Eagle Protect CEO “My gloves keep ripping” is a common frustration we hear from cannabis businesses, especially growers and processors. If your gloves are ripping just buy thicker gloves, right? Maybe. It is a common misperception that thicker gloves are stronger, but this is not always... Read more
Thoughtful Legislation: States Reform Act Introduced
Photo By By Michelle Rutter Friberg, NCIA’s Deputy Director of Government Relations Recent polling from Gallup showed that an astonishing 68% of Americans believe that cannabis should be legal. And while support spans age groups and party lines, cannabis is usually thought of as an issue Democrats champion... Read more
Member Blog: Why an Efficient Dispensary POS System is Crucial for Cannabis Retailers
by Steven Lynn, Director of Marketing at BLAZE Running a cannabis dispensary isn’t like running any other type of business. You don’t only have the stress of inventory, expenses, a demanding customer base, and sales to worry about, but also incredibly stringent state, county, and city laws. State compliance... Read more
Member Blog: How Can Hemp Businesses Better Self-Regulate?
by Lee Johnson, CBD Oracle The hemp industry is still in its early stages, especially when it comes to emerging products like delta-8 THC. While there is some regulation for hemp products, it’s much less than for legal cannabis, and this gives companies some freedom in terms of how... Read more
Member Blog: Let the Good Times Roll – New Jersey’s Cannabis Markets Primed to Meet High Demand with Two Big Announcements from the Cannabis Regulatory Commission
by Genova Burns LLC New Jersey’s medicinal and adult-use cannabis markets are finally starting to take shape more than ten years after the medicinal marijuana program was launched. In the span of one month, the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (“CRC”) not only announced awards for fourteen new medicinal... Read more
NCIA Announces Incoming Board Members
The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) is announcing a slate of incoming members of its Board of Directors today, including six incumbent Board members and two new nominees selected by the organization’s Nominating Committee to serve for the Board’s 2022-24 term. The organization’s Nominating Committee selected six incumbent board... Read more
Honoring Our Veterans – Cannabis Research and Legislation
Photo By by Michelle Rutter Friberg, NCIA’s Deputy Director of Government Relations Every November, Americans around the world honor our armed service members on Veterans Day. While the holiday first appeared after the conclusion of World War I in 1918 as Armistice Day, it was later renamed Veterans... Read more
Bringing the Beltway to the Bay at Cannabis Business Summit & Expo
by Madeline Grant, NCIA’s Government Relations Manager  There is no doubt that we’ve missed the in-person, one on one interactions in the cannabis industry. For anyone that attended the Midwest Cannabis Business Conference in Detroit in September, it was refreshing to connect with friends and meet new friends in... Read more

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