Video: NCIA Today – New Equity Scholarship Program, New NCIA Connect Member Benefit, And More!
Host Bethany Moore, NCIA’s Communications Manager and host of NCIA’s weekly Podcast ‘NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice‘ brings you an in-depth look at what is happening across the country in federal cannabis policy reform and with NCIA. This episode is sponsored by NCIA Connect, the newest member benefit from NCIA.... Read more
The “Helpers” In The Cannabis Industry – Responding to COVID-19
By Bethany Moore, NCIA’s Communications Manager As the entire world continues to navigate through the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, it can sometimes be difficult to see the silver lining. A beloved public television figure known as Mister Rogers famously told the story of how his mother urged him while watching... Read more
Member Blog: How To Expand Or Renovate Your Cannabis Facility While Observing Social Distancing
by Andy Poticha, Principal at Cannabis Facility Construction Keeping employees safe is on everyone’s mind, as we continue to operate under social distancing protocols. Even as our communities open, we still need to be mindful of disease transmission when constructing any facility — especially cannabis industry real estate. Cannabis... Read more
Webinar Recording: NCIA Committee Insights – How Can You Get More Engaged With NCIA? Let’s Talk Committees!
Applications for NCIA committees are now open through August 1, 2020!   Committees are the heart of NCIA, and one of the best ways to take advantage of your membership and be an active participant. As an active committee member you be able to: Network with other professionals... Read more
Member Blog: Breaking Up Vertical Integration
by Ryan Douglas, Ryan Douglas Cultivation, LLC Cultivation businesses should consider specializing in just one stage of the cannabis cultivation process. The industry has focused heavily on vertical integration, and some regulating bodies require licensees to control the entire cannabis value chain from cultivation and processing to retail. This... Read more
Meet The Team: Rob Kellogg – NCIA’s Chief Operations Officer
My journey into the cannabis industry did not follow the typical route and actually did not begin long ago. In February, just over five months ago, I was hired to be the COO at NCIA. Other than this whole COVID-19 thing, I’m really enjoying working with the talented and... Read more
Announcing NCIA’s Equity Scholarship Program
As I’m sure it has been for so many of you, the last month has been a time of deep reflection for all of us here at NCIA.  The national awakening to horrific police violence and the systemic racism that black and brown communities have endured for centuries is... Read more
Committee Blog: Returning To Work During COVID-19
By Heidi C. Quan and Jeffrey DavidMembers of NCIA’s Human Resources Committee Now that COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders have eased restrictions for businesses to re-open across the country, employees and employers alike will have questions about returning to workplaces. Each city, county, and state will have its own specific requirements... Read more
Member Blog: Finding Workplace Equity In The Year 2020
by Erin Lemmons, Eolàs Human Resources Photo Credit: Cannaclusive Our world in 2020 looks vastly different from years past, and we have been ripped open and exposed as a human population, with the birth of COVID-19, the protests and riots resulting from brutality, and the belief that our systems... Read more
Member Blog: While You Are At Home (Part 2) – Time To Prepare For Achieving GMP Certification 
by Merril Gilbert, CEO of Trace Trust and David Vaillencourt, CEO of The GMP Collective In our last article, we discussed the benefits of Good Manufacturing Practices as a means to increase productivity, efficiency, and to drive accountability within an organization. With cannabis and hemp businesses negatively impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,... Read more

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