Risk Management and Insurance Manual: An Introduction to Cannabis Insurance – Part Two
The National Cannabis Industry Association’s Risk Management & Insurance Committee is a multidisciplinary group of professionals working in the cannabis and insurance industries. We have created this manual to help business owners operating in state-legal cannabis industry gain a basic understanding of risk management, particularly insurance.   Every business faces... Read more
LivWell to be Colorado cannabis giant after powerhouse PharmaCann plans to buy boutique chain
Related Articles Cannabis retailer LivWell Enlightened Health is set to dominate the Colorado market with 26 dispensaries after PharmaCann announced its plan to buy The Clinic, a boutique dispensary chain in the Centennial State. LivWell is a cannabis brand owned by PharmaCann — one of the biggest privately-held, vertically... Read more
Bringing marijuana to Morrison — where Red Rocks concertgoers tailgate into the night — is harder than it seems
Related Articles Of the thousands of revelers who head up the hill from Morrison to Red Rocks Amphitheatre to catch a show on any given night, a portion is probably high, about to get high or at least thinking about getting high. But one thing’s for sure — they didn’t... Read more
Colorado’s medical marijuana sales hit lowest point since legalization
Related Articles Colorado’s medical marijuana sales fell to their lowest point since retail sales began — the latest signal that the state’s once-robust industry is facing headwinds as others crowd the U.S. market and new regulations take hold. In July, the state’s marijuana sales for both recreational and medical... Read more
Colorado’s cannabis industry prepares for tough times as U.S. recession looms
Related Articles Colorado’s cannabis industry is preparing for tough times as marijuana sales drop and economic problems pile up. During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, weed businesses serviced consumers eager to stock up on their favorite edibles, concentrates and pre-rolls. That high has since given way to a low for... Read more
PHOTOS: Inside Colorado’s first cannabis “bar,” JAD’s Mile High Smoke in Denver
Related Articles Since legal recreational marijuana sales began in 2014, Coloradans have had a plethora of places to buy weed — but not a ton of places to actually consume it. For many years, consumption spaces like Tetra Lounge and the Coffee Joint in Denver invited tokers to come... Read more
Opinion: Safe banking for cannabis industry needs to be carried cross finish line
Related Articles Congressional cannabis champions clearly come from Colorado (how’s that for alliteration?). We saw this kind of leadership with Gov. Jared Polis when he was a congressman and co-founded the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, with former Republican Sen. Cory Gardner, and with our long-time current champion for SAFE Banking,... Read more
Colorado’s first cannabis “bar” with THC beer opens this week in Denver
Related Articles Coloradans will soon have a bar where they can belly up to enjoy a non-alcoholic, THC-infused beer and order a gram of marijuana served with a side of rolling papers. JAD’s Mile High Smoke is poised to be the first recreational sales and hospitality business in the... Read more
Marijuana edible trends: Where to find rapid onset and CBG/CBN gummies in Colorado
Related Articles The common colloquialism for the well-known stoner holiday of April 20 is to “light one up.” But if you’re not interested in smoking, the second most popular way to celebrate is eating some edibles infused with tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. I’m not speaking anecdotally. According to Louisville-based analytics... Read more
Colorado marijuana industry regulators under fire as underage sales checks nosedive
Related Articles On about 600 occasions in 2019, state marijuana industry regulators sent hired operatives, aged 18 to 20, into Colorado dispensaries to check that the law barring sales to people under 21 was being followed. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and in 2020 state regulators reported only 118... Read more

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