The legal marijuana stock market has been one of the most exciting industries to participate and invest in for some time now, but new... Marijuana Stocks: Recreational VS Medical

The legal marijuana stock market has been one of the most exciting industries to participate and invest in for some time now, but new updates to legislation have made it easier than ever to get involved in the space. Within the legal marijuana market are two distinct industries. The first is the medical cannabis market which has been around as the oldest way to invest in cannabis due to the fact that it has been legalized the longest. On the other hand are the marijuana stocks that are based on the recreational cannabis market. These companies have all popped up in recent times due to the changing legislation in places like Canada, America and select countries in Europe. For the marijuana investor, this distinction remains one of the more important ones.

Tidal Royalty Corp. (OTC:RLTY) has been at the forefront of both spaces for many years now. The company has been working to create an atmosphere that helps to provide capital for the building of various cannabis related infrastructure projects around North America. The company states that “Tidal Royalty’s experienced management team identifies the operators best positioned to do so. Our investors benefit from royalty rights on the top-line revenue of a diversified group of licensed cultivators, manufacturers, and dispensaries.” Through the leasing contracts set out for over 15 years, the company stands to be one of the most predictably profitable businesses in the industry and for years to come. For this reason, Tidal Royalty remains one of the intriguing stocks to watch over the course of the next five to ten years. Businesses like these are clearly able to benefit from both the medicinal and the recreational cannabis sides of the market due to the fact that they participate avidly across both spaces. Although this can be considered one of the ancillary businesses in the cannabis industry, they should not be overlooked especially due to their lack of volatility when so many cannabis stocks have too much.

Canopy Growth Corp. (NYSE:CGC) has been one of the main proprietors of legal cannabis in North America and most definitely, Canada. The company has been on a roll working to produce some of the highest yields throughout the cannabis space. Canopy has however been hit by the latest bout of volatility in the marijuana stock market, which has turned some investors off to putting money into the space as a whole.

Regardless, due to the fact that they have worked so hard to build up massive infrastructure to continue producing large quantities of marijuana, the company seems to have a solid amount of intrinsic value which is quite appealing to many investors. The volatility of the market and subsequently Canopy, has been a symptom of the infancy of the cannabis market as a whole and should not solely be directed toward any one stock. The market is still relatively new, which means that many investors are unsure of how to invest as well as what the future of the market will look like. As we move toward a future with more legislation around the world, it continues to show that there is a large amount of potential with companies like the ones mentioned above.

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