VANCOUVER, July 3, 2019 /CNW/ –  PRESS RELEASE – 1933 Industries Inc., a vertically integrated cannabis consumer packaged goods company that owns licensed cultivation...

VANCOUVER, July 3, 2019 /CNW/ –  PRESS RELEASE – 1933 Industries Inc., a vertically integrated cannabis consumer packaged goods company that owns licensed cultivation and manufacturing assets to support its brands, has announced that the company received a permanent Occupancy Permit for its cultivation facility, thereby completing the last step of the construction project initiated to expand cannabis cultivation in Las Vegas, Nev.

“The completion of our new cultivation facility marks an incredible milestone for our Alternative Medicine Association (AMA) subsidiary”, said company CEO Chris Rebentisch. “We are extremely pleased to be able to move into our new facility and begin operations. This is a five-times increase in flower cultivation to fuel the growth of our proprietary AMA branded products and deliver on our white label contracts. Securing a consistent supply of raw materials will have a positive effect on our margins and future revenues and will enable us to attract additional partners.”

Facility Highlights

Total Size: The 67,750-square-foot building is spread over two floors and is zoned as a Light Manufacturing – M-1 facility. This will be one of the largest indoor facilities in Las Vegas.

Cultivation Space: The facility was designed to house 15 bloom rooms, three veg rooms and one clone room. The initial operating canopy will be 22,100 square feet with the ability to expand into another 18,000 square feet, if needed.

Cultivation Cycle: On average, the grow cycle is approximately 15 weeks. Once capacity is reached with all 15 flower rooms filled, the company expects to harvest approximately 1,500 plants every 14 days for a projected 700-800 lbs. of flower per month.

Fertigation System: A Link 4 system controls mixing nutrients (mixing up to 15 different nutrients automatically) and plant watering to each room, according to a pre-defined formula, corresponding to each growth stage. The system controls HVAC, humidification and dehumidification, and oxygen levels with built-in safety alarms in each grow room.

Tim Spencer, director of cultivation, remarked, “Link 4 integrates all the environmental systems, allowing us to track all input data points in the cultivation process. We can then drive our crops with data rather than subjective opinions and truly maximize the potential of the facility”.

Consistent Water Supply: The facility includes a 12,000-gallon Reverse Osmosis Storage system. This feature is significant as the Las Vegas municipal water has a high mineral content and cultivating with clean water is essential for plant health. In addition, the volume of water stored allows the company to mitigate the risk of a service interruption.

Plant Health and Disease Management: The HVAC System (a Daikin Variable Refrigerant Volume) multi-split air conditioner allows each room to function independently, with no duct-work built between grow rooms. Having a true “sealed” room increases Co2 levels without waste and allows for effective plant quarantining should a disease outbreak arise.

Lighting System: An eFinity 1,100w DEHPS dimmable electronic ballast – from 1,000w to 600w – provides better control of the light spectrum for each stage of the plant. Utilizing a lighting controller provides the ability to ramp up the light intensity in the morning to mimic a natural “sunrise” and slowly turn down the light towards “sunset,” thus giving the plants a more natural lighting pattern and producing the largest yields possible.

Next Steps

Upon securing the transfer of its cultivation license to the new facility, 26 plant varieties, 5,000 clones and 200 moms will be transported to propagate the new facility and commence operations.

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