The cannabis industry has been around for several years now, but it still remains an industry that is very much in its infant stages.... Aspects of the Cannabis Market That Some Investors Miss

The cannabis industry has been around for several years now, but it still remains an industry that is very much in its infant stages. As we move across the course of the next few years, it seems as though there are more principles to investing in this industry than ever before.

The industry as a whole is expected to grow by massive amounts as we move toward the future. The only issue in the way seems to be that of legislation, but as the public perception of cannabis changes, it seems as though the laws are beginning to reflect that positive opinion. One of the companies that has continued to astound investors has been Aurora Cannabis (TSE:ACB). The company recently announced that they would be using Shopify as their online platform of choice. Partnerships like these have helped the industry to flourish in the past few years as companies have varying levels of things they can offer one another. The hope as stated by Aurora is that this will lead to an “improved customer experience.” Darryl Vleeming, the CIO of Aurora Cannabis Inc. “Selecting Shopify allows Aurora to bring a world-class e-commerce solution to our patients and future adult consumer use customers.” He continued to state that “Shopify’s unique, industry-leading platform provides a safe, secure and flexible e-commerce site that we can build on as we execute our global growth initiatives and enter new markets.” Aurora continues to be one of the companies that many investors are watching for growth.

Next on the list is the company GTEC Holdings, Inc. (GGTTF). GTEC has been hailed as a very important company in the cannabis space due to their high desire for vertical integration and producing extremely high quality craft cannabis. The craft space has been extremely lucrative as more and more individuals like to have the option of purchasing high end products. After Canada became the first G7 nation to legalize the use of recreational cannabis nationwide for sale on October 17h, may companies throughout Canada quickly began to realize the massive amount of opportunity that they have to offer. GTEC has been at the forefront of the Canadian market for some time now, and continues to present a massive amount of opportunity to this looking to invest.

The last company and one that should come as no surprise is the company GW Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: GWPH ). GW has been at the forefront of the cannabis market for some time now as one of the major producers of cannabis-related pharmaceuticals. The company has seen a large amount of success in the way of approval by the FDA as they look to see a future that is filled with cannabis that can benefit the public. The pharmaceutical side of cannabis has been extremely lucrative, but the issue of legislation is the only one that remains.

The hopes are high that the cannabis industry can continue this massive propensity toward the future, as more and more companies begin to create revolutionary products for such a new industry. Only time will tell how the market can continue to react to the various obstacles and benefits that are thrown its way.

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