The marijuana industry has continued to astound investors as new companies have continued to come to light attracting a myriad of investors into the... 2 Canadian Marijuana Stocks To Watch This Quarter

The marijuana industry has continued to astound investors as new companies have continued to come to light attracting a myriad of investors into the space. Because of the new legislation and the changing public sentiment toward the favor of cannabis, many new companies have come to light over the course of the past several years.

A number of companies in the cannabis industry have worked on creating new ways to make cannabis more easily ingested. Others are growing cannabis in large amounts for the expanding market. These companies are all working to change the way that we interact with cannabis on a daily basis. There are many businesses that are working to shape the future of the marijuana industry and here are just a few to keep track of in the coming years.

One of the most well-known cannabis stocks in the industry continues to be Aphria (APHQF). Aphria is one of the largest growers of cannabis in Canada, and currently has a market capitalization of around $2 billion. Aphria has been working to acquire a large amount of new companies to help grow their own business across many sectors of the industry. The company recently acquired both Broken Coast Cannabis and Nuuvera earlier in the year.

Aphria is currently on track to produce as much as 225,000 kilograms of cannabis in the coming year, which would make them one of the largest growers in Canada by far. The company also reported a 10th consecutive quarter of positive earnings for their Q3 fiscal results. Additionally, Aphria reported an earnings amount of around CA$12 million with revenue that was roughly $2 million less than that amount. All in all, these numbers make Aphria an interesting stock to continue watching in the near future.

Next on the list is a company that many economists and investors alike have been watching. The company, Beleave Inc. (BLEVF) is another one of the Canadian companies that continues transforming the industry. Beleave primarily works in the biotech sector of the cannabis industry, but one of their main focuses has been the production of high-grade cannabis for the market. Beleave also works with their subsidiary, First Access Medical Inc., which is currently attempting to gain a license that would effectively allow them to sell marijuana legally throughout the nation if new regulations are pushed through.

Interestingly enough, the company has also been working to cement a series of new patents that allow them to research various aspects of the cannabis plant. This means that in the near future, Beleave could potentially be creating the most cutting-edge methods for patients to smoke cannabis in the healthiest way. The research includes new and low-risk ways to consume cannabis such as portable vaporizers and accessories.

Beleave is one of a few companies within the Health Canada guidelines to be licensed with a very strong business to back it. The company is also well funded, which means that growth could be a big focus. All in all, Beleave remains a very interesting cannabis company to watch in the coming months.

The cannabis industry is extremely fast paced, and companies like the ones mentioned above are just scratching the surface of what this market can be. Only time will tell how well companies like these can continue to break the traditional mold of the cannabis market for the future.

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