Member Blog: 6 Human Resource Tips For Your Cannabis Company 
by Jacob Carlson, Co-founder and CEO of EZHire The cannabis industry has been growing exponentially over the last few years and plenty of job opportunities are coming with it. As businesses grow, they need to increase staff… and that takes time and money. Not only do companies have to... Read more
Committee Blog: Future-Proofing Your Business – 2021 Series Premier
by NCIA’s Cannabis Manufacturing Committee  The future is coming and the cannabis (marijuana and hemp) industry is uniquely positioned to offer innovative approaches to best management practices in its manufacturing sector. In 2021, the National Cannabis Industry Association’s Cannabis Manufacturing Committee formed a new group focused on addressing sustainable... Read more
NCIA Condemns Recent Insurrection and Some GOP Lawmakers’ Attempts to Undermine American Democracy
The National Cannabis Industry Association condemns the actions of violent extremists last week in their efforts to undermine a free and fair election, fomented by the divisive and patently false rhetoric of the President and numerous elected officials. We are still trying to process the madness we saw unfold... Read more
The 117th Congress – What To Watch
by Michelle Rutter Friberg, NCIA’s Deputy Director of Government Relations Photo By We’re barely halfway through January, and it already feels like so much has happened in 2021! We at NCIA anxiously watched along with the rest of the country to see who would be victorious in the... Read more
Member Blog: A Whole New World On Zoom – 5 Tips To Look And Sound Like A Pro
by Jimmy Young, founder of Pro Cannabis Media 2020 will be remembered as “unprecedented.” A raging pandemic, a divided country resulting in a contentious election, an economy on the brink, but for cannabis, it was huge. The MORE Act and the SAFE Banking Act pass the U.S. House of... Read more
Member Blog: How to Launch a Marijuana Gift Card Program for Your Dispensary
by Gary Cohen, CEO of Cova Software Gift cards are an excellent way to increase brand awareness and an opportunity to generate new customers for your dispensary. Research shows that these tiny pieces of plastic can boost revenue by up to 40%. They are indeed invaluable tools for upselling... Read more
#IndustryEssentials Webinar Recording – NCIA Committee Insights: Retail Cannabis During a Pandemic
In this edition of our Committee Insights series originally aired on Wednesday, December 9th we were joined by members of Retail Committee to discuss some of the ways the ever-evolving cannabis industry has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically in the retail space, as well as some... Read more
#IndustryEssentials Webinar Recording – NCIA Committee Insights: How to Develop a Risk Management Program for Your Cannabiz
In this edition of our Committee Insights series originally aired on Monday, December 14th we were joined by members of our Risk Management Committee, for a comprehensive look on how to assess your business’s risk and exposures and how to plan for 2021. Topics included how to... Read more
Committee Blog: Future-Proofing Your Business – How Adopting Industry Standards Improves Your Bottom Line and Reduces Your Risks
by NCIA’s Facilities Design Committee By developing and adopting standards now, operators in the cannabis space can avoid unnecessary future expenses they might incur when needing to rework established facilities to meet upcoming federal standards or third-party compliance Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle in 1905 led to the Pure Food... Read more
Member Blog: Hemp Production, Testing, and the FDA
by Charlotte Peyton, Independent Consultant, EAS Consulting Group The new U.S. Domestic Hemp Program will approve cultivation plans issued by states and Indian Tribes and can approve plans submitted by producers that live in a state or Tribe where plans are not already submitted and where hemp production is... Read more

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