Committee Blog: VPD Topics for Cannabis Cultivation and Opportunities to Reduce Facility Energy Costs
by NCIA’s Facilities Design Committee Indoor cannabis cultivation facilities are complex environments, where a large number of variables interact to create an ideal ecosystem to grow cannabis. The upside of an indoor facility is it allows a year-long growing climate, optimized for each stage of the plant grow cycle.... Read more
Member Blog: Advance Cannabis Social Equity this Black History Month
by Chris JacksonVice Chair, NCIA Board of DirectorsForesTree CEO & Michigan Social Equity Advocate Most anyone watching the cannabis space over the years knows NCIA is a leading industry advocate on the national stage. ​But what might be lesser known is NCIA’s work to advance diversity and inclusion within... Read more
Member Blog: The Importance of Genetic Studies for Identifying Plant Mutations
by Angel Fernandez, Joselyn Guadamuz, and Maria de Catarina of MyFloraDNA The cannabis industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, highlighting the importance of quality control measures. One of them is the utilization of laboratory partners to ensure the genetic integrity of the products. However, the connection between... Read more
Member Blog: Dude, Where’s My Payments?
by Gary Strahle, Cannabis industry merchant service providers get shut down. How has this impacted retailers and at what cost? Learn how operators are mitigating theft and working with the National Cannabis Industry Association to drive legislation. In order to best understand what payment methods will suit you best,... Read more
Committee Insights | 11.29 | The Pathway to Greater Equity in New York’s Adult Use Cannabis Market
In this edition of our NCIA Committee Insights series, originally aired on November 29 and produced NCIA’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee, we held a lively discussion to present the official recommendations jointly submitted to the New York Office of Cannabis Management in Fall 2022. Since early... Read more
Committee Insights | 12.14.22 | Defining the Conversation: Minor, Novel & Synthetic Cannabinoids
NCIA’s #IndustryEssentials webinar series is our premier digital educational series featuring a variety of interactive programs allowing us to provide you timely, engaging and essential education when you need it most. In this edition of our NCIA Committee Insights series, originally aired on December 14 and produced... Read more
Video: NCIA Today – Thursday, January 26, 2023
NCIA Director of Communications Bethany Moore checks in with what’s going on across the country with the National Cannabis Industry Association’s membership, board, allies, and staff. Join us every other Thursday on Facebook and LinkedIN for NCIA Today Live. Read more
Descheduling, Decriminalizing, Banking, and More
By Madeline Grant, NCIA’s Government Relations Manager It’s always an invigorating time on Capitol Hill when a new Congress begins to get to work. The atmosphere is unlike any other; Hill offices are getting situated with their staff, hallways are full of exhilarated constituents, freshman members are finding their... Read more
Member Blog: 2023 Cannabis Compensation Survey Announcement
By Matt Finkelstein, FutureSense LLC The 4th annual Cannabis Compensation Survey is open for participation registration until April 2023. This survey analyses data provided by employers and produces industry-specific benchmarks for 140+ unique positions. It complies with federal guidelines meant to protect anonymity and ensure unbiased results. Participation in the... Read more
Member Blog: THC 911 – Cannabis for Emergency Workers
By Corey Morrill, Dragonfly Wellness Did you know that as of this writing, Utah is the only state that allows firefighters to use medical cannabis during their off-hours?   The January 2022 Utah legislative session passed SB 46. This closed a loophole in prior cannabis laws and allowed for all... Read more

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