Ryan Allway April 24th, 2019 Exclusive, News, Top Story The Yield Growth Corp. (CSE: BOSS) has proven itself a serious contender in the legal... Yield Growth’s New Subsidiary, Wright & Well, Positioned to Disrupt the Wellness Market

Ryan Allway

April 24th, 2019

Exclusive, News, Top Story

The Yield Growth Corp. (CSE: BOSS) has proven itself a serious contender in the legal cannabis market, and will be a particularly exciting candidate to follow as the industry continues to evolve from just flower to other cannabis based products. Yield Growth’s flagship brand, Urban Juve, produces exceptional wellness and beauty items, rooted in ancient Ayurvedic medicine. The product line contains the super-ingredients of hemp seed oil and hemp root oil, which have no psychotropic effects but boast a multitude of potential health benefits.

In its latest announcement, Yield Growth’s Oregon-based subsidiary Wright & Well detailed plans to build on the business blueprint set out by Urban Juve. The company will manufacture products that contain both CBD and THC oils, offering relief from pain and anxiety.

Wright & Well is an on-trend and conscientious brand that provides greater accessibility to the ever growing number of cannabis users. Its approach is also founded in Ayurveda, one of the oldest holistic systems in the world. Combined with advanced science and rigorous testing for safety and quality, Wright & Well believes it has created formulas that really work.

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Seizing Opportunities

Although Yield Growth originally started as an asset company developing technology for cannabis, it quickly identified a more lucrative market. Once it is processed, for example into oils, edibles, or topical products, cannabis is much more profitable. The wellness industry is currently worth $4.2 trillion, and Penny Green, CEO of Yield Growth, recognized this incredible opportunity. ‘We saw a huge opportunity in the intersection of cannabis going into products that are used for wellness,’ said Green in an interview with Jack Marks, host of Wall Street Reporter.

Although Urban Juve’s line combines hemp (which has been fully legalized in the U.S since the 2018 Farm Bill) with wellness products, Wright & Well takes things a step further by offering products containing THC. “Our line contains very high levels of THC and CBD and is intended for pain relief, and we think this will bring relief to a lot of people,” explained Green.

Targeting the Legal Cannabis Market with a Strong Team

With cannabis still not legal federally, Yield Growth had to identify a suitable state in which to launch. Having legalized marijuana by ballot measure in 2014, Oregon offers a strong market for Wright & Well. The products will launch through a licensed partner, and Green predicts this will happen within the next six weeks. The brand will initially offer nine products, from topical creams to oils and capsules, and will be selling through a distribution network of 400 cannabis stores in Oregon.

Going forward, the company plans to expand the brand to other states, including Nevada and California, where cannabis products have also been legalized.

Yield Growth is well positioned for this launch given its superior team. Experience among its diverse group of executives ranges from licensing agreements to intellectual property strategies, and they have worked with multi-billion dollar international companies including M.A.C Cosmetics, Aritzia, Skechers, Johnson & Johnson, Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

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Positioned for Success

Wright & Well is launching at a pivotal time in the industry. As Green explains, America is still in semi-prohibition. This presents a huge roadblock to international cosmetics companies who are unable to release new cannabis-based products nationally in America, let alone globally. ‘We have a real competitive advantage. We don’t have [competition from] those multi-billion dollar companies, but we have the leaders of those companies running our company,’ explained Green. Similarly, smaller companies don’t have the professional backing to navigate such a challenging new sector of the wellness industry.

The health and wellness industry in particular is always looking for new and exciting trends, and THC infused products will be no exception. Given the success of Urban Juve, Wright & Well has a strong business model to follow, and the flagship brand is already in contact with leading cosmetic companies. ‘We have some of the biggest companies in the world in the cosmetic industry reaching out to us to say, “We need hemp products,” said Green. Jumping so quickly and aggressively into the crossover market between wellness and cannabis, Wright & Well is in a strong position to command this market.

Yield Growth has shown it has an aptitude for identifying exciting new trends, and acting on them with capability and a determination for success. Its latest subsidiary, Wright & Well, has found a unique niche in the legal cannabis industry and, given the advanced operating team and ingenious marketing strategy, is well positioned at the crossroads of cannabis and wellness.

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