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Ryan Allway

November 8th, 2018


Florida-based Xtraction Services (XS) was formed in 2017 as a turnkey extraction solutions company with three main focuses; the supply of extraction equipment tailored to the growing cannabis industry, groundbreaking service options, and financing to allow companies to obtain leading-edge extraction technology and services without the added step of recruiting specialized staffing or raising capital.

The company built itself around the proprietary CO2 and pre/post processing extraction equipment designed by Dr. Dwayne Dundore, Ph.D, a renowned thermal dynamics engineer and the company’s CTO, who saw the waste and inefficiency of trying to use botanical machines for processes they were not designed for. The company  now sells scale extraction equipment specifically designed for the cannabis/hemp industry. The result is a process that allows for a more efficient product using machines that generate more pressure and thus more output, reducing waste and run times while increasing yields.

On-board 24/7 remote monitoring gives the company’s team of scientists unprecedented access to real-time data analysis, including data that was previously unavailable, such as run times, pressure, flow rates, temperatures, and other key variables to further maximize efficiency and yield. Xtraction’s customer support program ensures uptimes, while its focus on automation reduces errors and maximizes efficiency. In short, it is the first extraction company aligned with its customers’ end goals; more oil in less time.

Xtraction Services doesn’t work with the plants themselves, and therefore, it’s not subject to 280E taxes, allowing it to use business expenses to reduce its taxable income, unlike companies which deal directly with cannabis. It is also exempt from the restrictive regulations placed on the industry, making it easier to do business across states and internationally.

Range of Service Options

Customers with the capital and desire to own their equipment have the option of purchasing XS equipment outright, with a range of customization options.

However, the company understands many companies are not in a position to purchase needed equipment, and offers its much-anticipated leasing program, enabling producers to get up and running (and generating revenue) much more quickly. Technology changes rapidly, especially in a new industry like this, so an added benefit of leasing versus purchasing is that existing XS equipment will be updated, and with the company’s trade-in program, customers will always have access to the latest innovation without the worry of equipment obsolescence. It also eliminates the need for companies to factor in new equipment purchases as part of expansion plans.

Many customers require a cost-efficient, on-site solution for crude oil sourcing, but don’t have the time or capital to become experts in extraction. For them, Xtraction Service offers a full royalty-based package with services including the design and construction of optimal workspaces, recruitment and training of operators, full support and maintenance, all for a nominal per-gram fee. This is optimal for businesses who wish to process over 25 pounds per day with plans for rapid growth, and provides peace of mind, allowing companies to focus on what they’re best at, confident that their extraction needs are met.

Xtraction services provides both pre and post processing equipment as well as their wealth of expertise, from analytical chemists and engineers to master growers and microbiologists. It’s like having a professional team of extractors behind you at all times.

Consistency Is Key

The ability to deliver a consistent product is the key to any successful business, and having standard processes in place for each product, as opposed to relying on luck, ensures consistency and makes the entire process more efficient and affordable.

Through extensive testing and analysis at every stage of the extraction process, Xtraction Services has developed an innovative, comprehensive standard operating procedure (SOP) model for extraction businesses, eliminating the need to spend valuable time developing processes, while alleviating inconsistencies and safety challenges. Clearly documented SOPs can be repeated and executed by employees through a scientific approach, enabling a consistent result.

Cannabis extract-based products are the fastest growing segment of the cannabis industry, and with revolutionary products, services, and business plans, Xtraction Services is positioning itself as the leader in extraction technology and expertise.

For more information, please visit their website. https://www.xtractnow.com/


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